Gentle Yoga for Women Healing from Trauma

Beautiful empath and highly sensitive soul…it’s time to stop suffering from old traumas that are stealing your happiness in the here and now. 


That takes getting out of your head and into your awareness of what is physically happening in your body in the present. 




So you can relieve anxiety & stress…and begin to cultivate a calm healing state.

Because listening to what your body is telling you puts POWER back in your hands. When you better understand physical symptoms, increase emotional awareness, and begin to heal your nervous system, you free up energy to enjoy your best life.

But that isn’t easy because you learned a long time ago to disconnect from your physical body in order to stay safe. Now, an anxious mind, high emotions, and old stories are running the show. And this unconscious pattern is keeping you stuck.

As empaths and highly sensitive souls, our ENERGY is our currency. How carefully we manage it directly impacts our wellness, success, and happiness.


The problem is, trauma changes the way we think, which changes the way we move through life. It gets stuck in our body and uses so much of our energy that it’s tough to have much left for enjoying life or doing what really matters to us.

Trauma turns what should be ordinary occurrences into perceived threats that trigger our unconscious stress response. It keeps us from making decisions that would support us in finding MEANING, PURPOSE, and JOY.

gentle yoga for women healing from trauma

Disconnecting from our body and living in fight, flight, freeze, or fawn mode is the way we have learned to cope and protect ourselves after trauma.


With that disconnection can come numbness, inflexibility, people-pleasing, avoidance, and being especially judgmental of ourselves and others (which makes deep connection and belonging difficult). 

It keeps us from engaging wholeheartedly in the world to share our gifts and experience JOY.





There is more for you. A more pleasurable and meaningful way to go through daily life than simply “making it through”. Deep down, you know this.


You want to genuinely COME HOME TO YOUR BODY. 

To find SOFTNESS, TRUST, and SAFETY there.


But it has felt like too big a task to figure out and stick to on your own. 


Relieve anxiety & stress

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing such a wonderful practice this evening – it was just what I needed…and more. 

You have such a warm and inviting soul – one that brings me much comfort.


Thank you for helping me open my mind and body to the Earth. I am grounded.”  MP



Come Home to Your Body: Gentle Yoga for Women Healing from Trauma


A six-week group yoga class for empath and highly sensitive women who are ready to heal by reconnecting to their body and the messages it has to share. 

It combines gentle movement with pranayama (breathwork), EFT tapping, energy medicine, and mudras. A bit of everything in support of your health and wellness as you begin to unfreeze your trauma patterns – reduce fear – and create a sense of safety in your body.

During our time together, you’ll begin to uncover deep LOVE and AWARENESS for your physical body. Gentle yoga, done in a loving kind way, will allow you to create a soft body. A new foundation for functioning in the world from a place of softness within.

Regardless of what you’ve experienced in this life, you deserve loving kindness. In fact, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself on your healing journey.

This gentle yoga for women who are healing their traumas is all about getting to know what you need on a deeper level by:

  • Becoming more connected to your physical body so you notice the discomfort AND the lightness (like peace and love) which provides valuable information you can use to make healthier choices to support your wellness;
  • Creating space for deep reflection so you can tune into your own INNER WISDOM for inspired action you can TRUST;
  • Reducing your cortisol levels (the body’s main stress hormone) and the impact of stress and anxiety on your body so you can create and allow space for more SOFTNESS in yourself AND for others;
  • Releasing toxins and upgrading your personal energy so you can HEAL and move forward with more VITALITY toward your desires;
  • Connecting deeply with earth energy to GROUND and STRENGTHEN you at any time you need it.

It’s the perfect opportunity to connect
in and start to increase the awareness of what is going on in your body at a given moment.

Then, you have more power to choose HOW you want to respond. 

By the end of our six weeks together in this class, you’ll feel more aware, grounded, and calm so that you can connect to your inner power and move forward with loving kindness.

You’ll slow down and pay attention to YOU. Strengthen boundaries. Start trusting your body again. And become more resilient to handle the challenges that come your way (without sapping all your energy).

You will have begun the process of coming home to your body

FAQs about gentle yoga for women healing their traumas:


Do I need to have previous experience with the modalities you mention?


  • Yoga, EFT tapping, energy work, and pranayama will be woven into the class. You do NOT require any prior experience. This is designed to be suitable for all levels. I ask that you are open to experimenting with new ideas and practices.


Do I need to have my video turned on during class?

  • No. I want you to feel at ease. I will be the only one required to be on camera for these classes. A recording will be sent. You’ll have access to the recordings for 30 days after the last class.


Refund policy? Payment plan?

  • Payment is required in full upon purchase. NO refunds.

Carrying the energy of old trauma in your body is holding you back from the life you desire.


What you DO NEED is to become AWARE of how trauma is showing up in your body ~ so you can begin to RELEASE it ~ and FREE YOURSELF to experience more JOY.

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