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Empaths and sensitive souls – New Earth Leaders – Release your EMOTIONS.  Allow your ENERGY to flow.  Make it easier to SUCCEED in business.

The new earth is waiting for us.

The energy has been calling me since my childhood.

My journey has been one of unrest, discovery, and integration.

And as I have traveled my path, I see many who either live

automatic and not seeking,

aware and not acting, or

ascending and not grounding.

You might be a new earth leader, too, but you’re stuck somewhere in that pattern.

If your place in the world doesn’t feel GENUINE and UNDERSTOOD and you find yourself DISCONNECTED, FRUSTRATED and WEIGHED DOWN by the inauthenticity that surrounds us, I see you.

I’m Anita Kaiser, Priestess, empath, and highly sensitive person integrating my journey into this earthly realm.

About Anita Kaiser, Business Success and Wellness Coach:

I work with new earth leaders who are sensitive souls and empath entrepreneurs who are TIRED of PUSH ENERGY.

Growing up in a world of well educated, inside the box thinkers (my parents both had careers in science) I seemed to always be




always thinking something was wrong with me.

I wanted to CREATE and FEEL and “BE”; not PERFORM, ACCOUNT and “DO”.

I broke free to find my own way that lead to an intense grief in my late twenties. Moving forward I began to looking inward

This is the journey I support others with.

Your healing work is SO needed in the world. (the new earth is waiting for you)

Let’s get you out of your own way so that you can create your own best version of living BOTH business success AND emotional wellness!

We are here to birth a new earth! Let’s do it together!

anita kaiser

My journey began and, as I came to understand myself, I continued to break all the rules by HOMESCHOOLING and LIVING in and RV for a year and a half before those became more mainstream ideas.

I continue to follow the INTUITIVE FLOW of ENERGY that drives my purpose and find common re-invention of myself both in my work and my personal life.

My newest adventure is even more unknown.  I am being called to leave a typically defined life behind to travel.

My Divine Feminine purpose in this life is to guide others to their authentic selves.

To that place where we raise the energy of the earth.

This is the place where we find ourselves most at peace, in service, and in alignment.

It comes in the quiet.

It comes with freeing ourselves from worldly standards.

It comes through separating ourselves from what doesn’t serve us.

It increases your capacity TO DEAL WITH THE UPS AND DOWNS OF BUSINESS AND LIFE.  (hello aquarian age)

It leads to healing.

My training and experience (in case you’re wondering):

Leading the way with a blend of MYSTERY SCHOOL, 200 hours of PRIESTESS Training, an EFT Certification, and natural gifting alchemize my practical business sense and offer a professional approach that helps ground the ETHEREAL into your body; creating homeostasis by accepting the present and releasing the past that is no longer serving us.

Allowing you to become fully EMBODIED.

So that your connection to both this physical planet and the cosmos can be realized.

Anita Kaiser certified NEFTTI

This 3D world was not designed for people like me.


But I have learned to thrive by leaning into full discernment of what serves me.  This is possible for you too.

Embarking on my own path of healing to address the discomfort and inauthenticity I felt in a world of DOERS, MAKERS, and BUILDERS I discovered the sacred truth of otherworldly dimensions GROUNDED in the EBODIEMENT of NERVOUS SYSTEM REGULATION.

There can be no movement forward if our physical body does not trust us.

Our bodies hold all the memories of our many lives.

The key to acceptance of self in the circumstances we find ourselves in is finding the BRIDGE between enlightened thought and practical experience.

I am delighted to be serving, supporting, and mentoring those who have seen glimpses of what is possible but have thus far been unable to integrate things.


My journey is deeply CONNECTED to helping others get into their bodies and connect with their EMOTIONS.

To heal their wounds and create a better world.

Release your physical grip.

Allow the beauty of the SPIRITUAL WORLD to support you in connecting with the BODY to live in a most AUTHETIC and JOYOUS way.


I am strong enough to hold you and soft enough to feel you.

I’d be honored to SUPPORT you on your journey.

Book a virtual coffee and let's connect!

Are you a SENSITIVE soul or EMPATH ENTREPRENEUR who is ready to have someone else see you? Do you want SUPPORT to become the version of yourself that runs a THRIVING business that feels LIGHT and EASY?

Let’s connect.

Anita Kaiser is currently a digital nomad.
Her Business Success and Wellness Coaching services are delivered online.

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