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Anita Kaiser

Empaths and sensitive souls – Release your EMOTIONS.  Allow your ENERGY to flow.  Make it easier to SUCCEED in business.

I’m Anita Kaiser, fellow empath entrepreneur, and I genuinely FEEL you…


~ On one hand, you want to grow your healing business in a way that RESPECTS your deep sensitivities. Supports your own wellness. Leaves time, ENERGY, and emotional bandwidth to enjoy the other important parts of your life.


~ On the other hand, you are called to raise the vibration and HELP people feel better. Even though in your heart you know the rules are utter BS, you are a rule follower. Making ENOUGH MONEY to feel secure doing this healing work you love matters (so you’re not forced to go back to a soul-crushing job).


You are high functioning and IN CONTROL thanks to all those sophisticated COPING behaviours you have embraced.  But underneath it all, you feel ANXIOUS. You find yourself second-guessing your stamina and resilience to do all-the-things.

FEAR of failure, overwhelm, and the next energetic crash is quietly and persistently knocking at your office door.


You want to have BOTH emotional wellness and business success on your own terms…but you WONDER if it is really possible…for YOU.

About Anita Kaiser, Business Success and Wellness Coach:

I work with sensitive souls and empath entrepreneurs who want to take on more clients but WORRY that they’ll end up overloaded, overwhelmed, burnt out, and then ultimately FAIL.

It’s about creating a resilient business that your ENERGY can SUSTAIN and GROW with – so that you can show up wholeheartedly to create the business success you dream of – without running yourself into the ground.


I understand your fears. And I want you to know:

  1. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you, and
  2. Your healing work is SO needed in the world. (now more than ever before)


Let’s get you out of your own way so that you can create your own best version of living BOTH business success AND emotional wellness!

We are here to birth a new earth! Let’s do it together!

anita kaiser

I’ve been in your shoes:


Deeply intuitive my whole life, I remember being CONFUSED when interacting with others. What I was feeling in my body didn’t match what they were saying. “What’s going on?”, I wondered. I felt strange, anxious, alone. “Could I trust myself?”


Then, everything opened up when I learned I was an INTUITIVE EMPATH.


It explained the tears that easily flowed. That sense of overwhelm. The impact of other people’s energy on mine. Why basic things that others seemed to easily manage (like small talk, watching the news, spending hours on social media, executive functions etc.) seemed so CHALLENGING for me at times.

I responded by trying to CONTROL anything that didn’t feel quite right. Looking back, now I realize it was all a TRAUMA response.


As you can imagine and may have seen in your own life, that shit DOES NOT WORK.


In fact, it just creates kinks in your energy and your workflow. It STOPS the abundance and creates a never-ending sensation of “not enough” and unworthiness. A downward spiral begins. DEPLETED energy goes with it.

I knew this coping response was a problem but I didn’t know how to fix it. Maybe part of me believed that I was the problem that was too broken to be fixed.


My answer became more CLEAR when I started working WITH my nervous system (instead of constantly beating it up for doing what it thought was right)!

Everything began to change once I began to notice WHAT IS (even the stuff I didn’t like) and accept it for what it was.

I started being able to love myself EVEN when I made a mistake.

I began to feel SAFE in my body which allowed me to feel SAFE inviting more SUCCESS into my business.

My training and experience (in case you’re wondering):

Serial entrepreneur, trauma survivor, empath. I have spent the past 17 years learning how to be well AND be successfully self-employed. My multiple businesses range from teaching yoga to babies, to running an eco store, to coaching.

I am a healer who is continually healing. By creating a safe container, I support other women to thrive as they grow their healing businesses.

My love of lifelong learning has led me to become a Nationally Certified and Internationally accredited EFT Practitioner. Additionally, I have trained in modalities such as yoga, reiki, and as a Priestess.

Anita Kaiser certified NEFTTI

You CAN learn to become strong and solid in yourself while you also grow a strong and solid business.


It’s easy to think that the solution is another course or more external knowledge rather than taking the time to slow down and start to connect with your inner knowing.

I get it. Because I’ve been there. I know how many hats you wear. The pressure. Your desire to serve. And I know what it takes to create success in business when you also experience deep SENSITIVITIES.


Guess what? The answer to your business success is NOT more business strategy or fancy marketing tactics. The answer is emotional wellness.


My journey is deeply CONNECTED to helping others get into their bodies and connect with their EMOTIONS.

To heal their wounds and create a better world.

Look at their truth and allow it to be free.

And create a sense of spaciousness and success on their terms.


Does this type of radical responsibility for self feel right for YOU now as you grow your business? I’d love to SUPPORT you on your journey.

Book a virtual coffee and let's connect!

Quirky bits about Anita Kaiser:

I’m a Water Witch – I value the feminine and experience nature as a source of power and unity.  I also know that no feminine energy is ever complete without it’s counter balance.  Divine union is always the goal!


I love all animals – But given the choice I would choose dog over cat any day.  Dogs fit in so much better with my walking lifestyle rather than cats who are mostly so independent.   


Most courageous adventure – Taking a year off to travel with my family in an RV across Canada and the US. I really love to travel and had many adventures with so many more yet to come.  


A backyard medicine wheel garden – It reminds me to balance all four aspects of our being – spiritual, emotional, physical and mental (creatively rebirthed from what used to be an above ground pool).


Favorite quote (which says it all)
“I’m not a mess but a deeply feeling person in a messy world. I explain that now, when someone asks me why I cry so often, I say, ‘For the same reason I laugh so often–because I’m paying attention.” Glennon Doyle

Are you a SENSITIVE soul or EMPATH ENTREPRENEUR who is ready to have someone else see you? Do you want SUPPORT to become the version of yourself that runs a THRIVING business that feels LIGHT and EASY?

Let’s connect.

Anita Kaiser lives in Ontario, Canada with her family and Chance the dog.
Her Business Success and Wellness Coaching services are primarily delivered online.

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