Coaching for
New Earth Leaders

(sensitives, empaths and starseeds)

Coaching for
New Earth Leaders


(sensitives, empaths and starseeds)

EMBODIED COACHING helps you regulate your EMOTIONS so that they don’t derail your BUSINESS success!

You can FEEL all those feelings, BE well, and create a SUCCESSFUL business (even if you don’t believe it right now).

Welcome beautiful sensitive soul,

I’m Anita Kaiser and I help sensitive and empath entrepreneurs like you to protect your precious energy so you can show up wholeheartedly and create the business success you dream of without running yourself into the ground.  These times are not for the faint of heart and having the right support makes a world of difference.  We need all hands on deck!

I have a soft spot for supporting those called to healing (whether through coaching, lightwork, or energy medicine) who want to take on more clients but worry that you’ll end up overloaded, overwhelmed, burnt out, and then ultimately fail.

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As a highly sensitive person or empath, you FEEL the energy of everything around you.

“You are too sensitive!” “Why are you always so intense?” “Get a thicker skin!”

Sound familiar?

Due to your depth of processing your nervous system is highly charged.  You might even find yourself vibrating.  You are constantly transmuting energy. It’s what you do.

It is natural for you to try to raise the vibration and make people feel better.  It’s part of why you are here.  But when you do TOO MUCH, you’re giving away your energy and end up feeling DRAINED.

As an empath in business, this requires your awareness.  Understanding your own energy.  Knowing where you end and where others begin.  Without this, life becomes a fast tract to burnout city.  This is where embodied coaching supports you.

Your energy is enmeshed with all those close to you and you find yourself drowning in codependent relationships.

You already know something has to give (because you are tired of running in circles!)  

  • You are FEELING exhausted and confused
  • Say YES, when you know you should say NO.
  • Feel SCATTERED and make unwise decisions.
  • COMPROMISE your own wellness.
  • TRAUMA PATTERNS create unnecessary hurdles on your path. (like undercharging)

I understand.  I’ve been there.  It’s why I became an embodied coach.

And I want you to know that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with feeling things deeply.

What IS wrong is our continual disassociation and disconnection from our emotional parts and our bodies.

Our emotions allow us to CONNECT deeply to our intuitive center and open up the FLOW of ENERGY in our lives.  This is what embodied coaching is all about.

I  believe that we are here on this planet at this particular time in history to help birth a new world. A world where emotions are NOT shunned or something to be pushed down, but are in fact revered as the GUIDANCE that they truly are.

Releasing our emotions is our HEALING. When your ENERGY is flowing freely it is SO much easier to THRIVE in business.  Ascension is only possible once we are fully EMBODIED.  

This is WHY you have been called to show up as your AUTHENTIC SELF. It is a part of the plan for your business SUCCESS. You are needed to birth this NEW EARTH.

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ACCEPT your SENSITIVE personality and build on your strengths through EMBODIED coaching to create MORE:





Being an empath entrepreneur creates a very unique set of challenges. If you want to learn how to manage them better, I can help.

Working with me as your Business Success and Empath Coach will help you:

  • CONNECT to and understand your EMOTIONS and how they have been getting in the way of your business success
  • RELEASE resistance so you can allow energy to flow freely again
  • LISTEN to your intuition, your best source for decision making
  • Set strong, guilt-free BOUNDARIES so you can protect your precious energy
  • Increase your ENERGY levels and immune response so you have the stamina to take on more clients
  • Find MOTIVATION so you do more of what lights you up AND helps grow your business

Being an empath in business who doesn’t have the right support can get lonely and overwhelming fast.  Having an empath coach who understands the depth of your processing is incredibly empowering.

Together, we can get you FEELING BETTER and FREEING YOUR ENERGY so you can invite more clients in and create more BUSINESS SUCCESS.

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Are you ready to allow your ENERGY to flow freely to create more BUSINESS SUCCESS?

Grab my free video so that you can stop feeling like a burden today.

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