1:1 VIP Emotional Wellness Coaching

Allow Your Goddess Self to be Seen

Growing your business as an empath or sensitive soul is allowed to feel EASY.


All it takes is regulating your nervous system so your ENERGY can flow freely.

But emotional wellness isn’t easy when you’re intensely FEELING the emotions of everything and everyone around you. Sometimes it’s tough to stand your ground and not get pulled into the energy of desperation that is so pervasive in society.


As a healing force in the world, you are SO talented and your business is SO needed.

You’ve OVERCOME a lot to get this far (yet you rarely acknowledge how far you’ve truly come). In the process, you’ve learned sophisticated COPING techniques that have kept you afloat (mostly).


Your business was EXACTLY how you imagined making a positive difference in the world. But now that you are feeling this HEAVINESS weighing you down, you’re not quite sure HOW to get back on track.


  • You manage to show up for your clients because you LOVE what you do, but it takes every ounce of willpower you have to juggle all your responsibilities because you’re EXHAUSTED from the muck of EMOTIONS you’re faced with each day.(and sometimes you even feel resentment) 
  • You PROCRASTINATE and begrudgingly post on social media to expand your reach and connect with new leads, but inside you’re AFRAID to actually take on more clients because you’re WORRIED that you will BURN out and let them down.
  • You put on a SMILE for the world, but you wish you could just FEEL what you feel because you’re TIRED of pretending.
  • You have taken courses, tried various healing modalities, and have some supportive people in your life, but you still feel MISUNDERSTOOD and ANXIOUS because IMPOSTER SYNDROME is creating all kinds of hurdles on your path.
  • You’re doing everything you can to make this business a SUCCESS, but the truth is you question whether it’s really POSSIBLE because it has been such a STRUGGLE that you haven’t been able to figure out yet

You want emotional wellness.

To FEEL BETTER. And for self-employment to FEEL EASIER.  And you’re ready to get unstuck.

I totally understand because I’ve been there. Working hard to control everything so I could APPEAR like I had my shit together was my go-to strategy. I PUSHED myself beyond my limits and stuffed the painful emotion down so I could make it through the day.

But I finally got tired of the struggle (and my own excuses) and started to notice WHAT IS (even the stuff I didn’t like) and love myself anyway.  This is when my goddess energy started to emerge.  

feminine essence

You can FEEL BETTER and experience EMOTIONAL WELLNESS on the other side of struggle.




  • You wake up feeling ENERGIZED and ready to take on the day because you’ve created strong yet loving BOUNDARIES that respect your sensitive nature and build on your strengths.
  • You consistently engage in marketing and sales activities that will ATTRACT new clients because you have learned how to regulate your nervous system and TRUST yourself to follow through on your commitments.
  • You feel energetically FREE, spacious, and joyful in your body because you have stopped hiding from your EMOTIONS and begun to lovingly accept yourself.
  • You’re actively inviting and allowing more business SUCCESS because you have found coaching support from someone who really sees you and understands how to safely help you BELIEVE in yourself and get out of your own way.
  • You have a renewed sense of CONFIDENCE to show up fully for your big vision as your full goddess self because you RELEASED the pent-up emotions and negative beliefs that have held you back for far too long.

I know that, even if you believe all of this is possible, it probably feels like it will take longer than you actually have (because let’s face it, you’ve got to make money in this business, NOW). But it doesn’t have to take forever to start feeling and seeing a difference. 

As an EMPATH business owner, I got to the point where all that stuffed emotion built up in my body making it HARDER and harder to push my way through. I had reached my energetic LIMIT. It felt like having to do one more thing or make one more decision would SINK me.

I struggled ALOT. And THEN I found an easier, softer way forward.  A path filled with the energy of the rose.  



1:1 VIP Emotional Wellness Coaching for New Earth Leaders
Ready to embody their goddess self 


A private, custom fit, trauma-sensitive coaching service that will help you manage your ENERGY so you can more CONFIDENTLY invite and allow new clients in and create the successful business that you dream of.

Say GOODBYE to days that feel HEAVY and OVERWHELMING releasing all those trusty coping techniques that have kept you afloat because more LIGHTNESS and EASE is within your reach (it has actually been WITHIN you all along)!

1:1 VIP Emotional Wellness Coaching for Empath and Sensitive Entrepreneurs (new earth leaders) is all about giving yourself PERMISSION to feel whatever it is you are feeling. It’s about REGULATING your nervous system using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping to find your calm centre, and setting strong BOUNDARIES moving forward (without the guilt) so you can trust your body for the ENERGY you need to thrive in your business.  Allowing yourself to create flow so that the BIG PUSH is not longer necessary.

I use my intuition and a variety of approaches to help create a SAFE space for your nervous system to rewire (somatic-based with a trauma safe approach). 

Plus, I help “connect the dots” to raise your awareness so you can begin to “see” things differently. This will feel SO empowering as you begin to make better decisions for your own emotional wellness and your business success.

It’s this combination of somatic, talking, and the energetic awareness that really creates a POWERFUL difference for your business and life.

I know you’ve tried talk therapy and a million other modalities which ended up making you feel utterly broken and like it’s not possible to heal. Just because this approach worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. 

That’s why I always say, “Follow the energy. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it!” 

Still not sure if this is for you?

You don’t have to take MY word for it – have a look at the following things people have said AFTER working with me.

emotional wellness kate
emotional wellness ange


Hello, I’m Anita Kaiser. Empath, serial entrepreneurist, trauma survivor, and a priestess. For much of my life, I thought I was TOO emotional, somehow just OVER the top, and that something was surely WRONG with me. 

I lost too many years feeling angry, emotional, and overwhelmed. Meanwhile, despite all the coping techniques I had acquired, I was still spending most of my time in functional FREEZE. Getting things done but causing intense strain on my physical body.

My energy depleted. I felt scared. And the million THOUGHTS constantly running through my mind still didn’t help me figure out what the actual problem was. 

Then I discovered “tapping” (Emotional Freedom Technique). I quickly learned that the answers to my emotional wellness were in my BODY, not my head.  And that changed my life. 

So I became a Nationally Certified accredited EFT Practitioner. Now it’s one of the primary tools I use to support my clients in reaching their business goals.  I love the softness it creates. 

I believe that everything is connected. All the energy that you are holding in your body needs to be expressed. And once you are able to allow that ENERGY to move through you, everything starts to FLOW. 

You are here to experience JOY and EASE – THIS is your birthright!  



To support you on your journey to EMOTIONAL WELLNESS and BUSINESS SUCCESS, I currently offer three different packages of emotional wellness coaching, based on duration, and priced accordingly.

Each nervous system is UNIQUE and regulating the nervous system doesn’t work on the BRAIN’S schedule. Moving STUCK trauma/energy and grounding yourself so the old program isn’t there anymore can take TIME, especially if it’s been building in your tissues for decades. Having an initial chat can help us determine which timeline is the best fit before you commit.

If you choose to work with me as your Business Success and Emotional Wellness Coach, I will ask you to be HONEST with yourself, TRUST the modality and me, and be willing to go at the PACE your nervous system is signaling rather than what your brain thinks it should be. (this will be the most challenging part) 

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Emotional Wellness Coaching

You don’t need to toughen up. Or to be better at time management. And you can take a pass on that shiny marketing strategy for now.


What you DO NEED is emotional wellness: to become strong and solid in YOURSELF by releasing your emotions and honouring your nervous system. So you can embody your unique goddess self.


More than anything, what I really want for you is to make PEACE with your sensitive nature, set strong yet loving BOUNDARIES, and FREE your energy to create the business SUCCESS you desire (and deserve).

Most of all, I want you to KNOW that you are NOT BROKEN.

If you:

  • know the energy is off,
  • are tired of the struggle and exhausted from the muck,
  • feel weary from trying to do it all alone,
  • are ready to look at the emotions you have been hiding from, and
  • KNOW in your heart that this is the LAST piece that needs to fall into place before you achieve the BUSINESS SUCCESS you’ve been working so hard for…

I invite you to make a powerful decision. Choose an easier, softer way forward. 

Experience emotional wellness coaching so your business can THRIVE.  You are a divine goddess.  

Reach out. Schedule a chat with me today. 

Emotional Wellness Coaching

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