Beautiful sensitive soul…it’s time to do what’s right for you without constantly second-guessing yourself.


All it takes is connecting IN to your strong inner knowing and trusting that you can handle whatever life brings.


To find your solid ground.

Because the stronger, more tuned in, confident, and capable YOU feel, the better your life becomes.

But that isn’t easy when you’re recycling old patterns and habits that drag you down. They send your doubts into overdrive and make everything feel more difficult.


As an empath and highly sensitive soul, you are a healing force that is SO needed in this world. 

For those who are less familiar with your strengths, (and stuck in old conditioning) they may misunderstand your sensitivities or approach to BEING (even if they love you). And that can feel ISOLATING.

It can also lead you to QUESTION YOURSELF and begin to think that the answers are somehow outside of you.  (surely someone else must have the answer)

healing circle lonely

So it’s easy to find yourself in a wobbly place of feeling less than. Searching for how to become more, more, more.

You may recognize this as:


  • Always worrying about others, what they think, wondering if you’re being perceived as you want to be, trying to measure up;
  • Being too busy trying to “do things right” or keep everyone else happy which means your own inner compass signals continually get missed (you struggle to really KNOW what YOU want anymore);
  • Lacking clarity (your emotions are all over the place – scattered energy is becoming the norm – leading to an inability to make decisions – creating a well-fueled cycle of stuckness);
  • Afraid of stepping forward as a leader the way you dream of (imposter syndrome, lack of support and confidence, plus concerns that change will require more energy than you have keep you both safe and yearning for more); and,
  • Continually second-guessing, winding up spinning in your head rather than taking intentional and intuitive action.  (which often leads you down the path of guilt and shame)

This feels deeply ‘off track’ for you and takes up WAY too much energy.


You know there must be an easier, more connected, and aligned way to show up safely AS YOU ARE.

But, so far, finding that way of being – where you genuinely feel like you’re on solid ground – has felt insurmountable on your own.


I totally understand because I’ve been there and see it every day with my clients.

And I know that harnessing the energy of the moon, within a powerful and supportive
healing circle, can provide grounding and an incredible sense of direction that feels aligned with your own deeper knowing.



The truth is, you are already enough. Now it’s time to surrender to that knowing and step back into it with renewed momentum toward your truest intentions.

solid ground

“If I had to choose just one word to describe Find Your Solid Ground for me it would be TRUST. 

This program has helped me in so many ways, the biggest one is that connection to myself, and to the others in our circle. The magical space of our new and full moon circles is just so powerful. At the end of each I feel connected, grounded, and a deep inner trust. I have loved the cycles of intention and release.


I have loved how after each I feel more grounded and able to more fully trust myself and my inner knowing. ” Tiffany Marie


Find your Solid Ground:
Healing Circle for Empath and Highly Sensitive Souls


A small, sacred, intentional, and trauma-sensitive group healing circle that will help you clear out the inner resistance that gets in the way of feeling safe and taking authentic action.

Feminine cycles – the pull of the tides – the energy of the moon.  Becoming more familiar with these cycles and how they affect you allows you to harness this natural energyThis is an opportunity to step into your power and connect as you awaken your true self.

Find your solid ground. Harness this energy for fuel and focus to thrive as you ARE.

Say goodbye to those tricky old thoughts and habits that no longer serve your highest purpose. Become so rock solid in your own energy that you do more of what’s right for you without constantly second-guessing or comparing yourself.

Feel held and supported with a group of soul sisters.

Find your Solid Ground: Healing Circle for Empath and Highly Sensitive Souls is all about connecting in and harnessing the feminine moon cycle to create new powerful HABITS that support you in:


  • living a more authentic life, honoring rules that work for you,
  • owning your gifts and stepping into being a thriving leader in a way that feels safe and supported,
  • and strengthening your inner trust so you feel more confident in taking steps that are SOUL-LEVEL TRUE for you.

Clarity – Intention – Grounding  – Release –  Momentum

In these circles, we’ll create new rituals together that flow with the natural rhythm of the moon’s energy to invite more ease and intentionality into your life.

I’ll use my intuition and culmination of learning over the past 25 years – including EFT tapping, movement, energy work, and deep reflection – to create a safe group space for you to relax back into your highest self.

This is a journey of remembering.

At the end of each healing circle, you’ll feel more clear, grounded, and focused so that you hardly notice what others are doing anymore.

You’ll experience TRUSTING yourself. And you’ll have new habits and rituals that support you in feeling more CALM and CONFIDENT. You’ll know what you want, what’s right for you, and that you can handle whatever comes your way.

You will have found your solid ground.


“I love being part of these moon circles. It’s such a supportive space and I feel better after each call. Hearing each person share their intentions is amazing. I feel I am gaining the benefits from everyone. During our most recent circle, I felt the energy moving through my body and I knew I was clearing stuff just by being present.


I can’t think of anything that would make these calls better. I get so much each time!

Thank you for creating a magical online space :)”


Kelly Cowan


$35 Canadian (plus taxes) per circle 

If you choose to trust me as your Business Success and Wellness Coach, and in this case, Circle Keeper, I will ask you to be honest with yourself, trust the modalities and me, and be willing to contribute with an open heart to the energy of the circle.  We are here to build deep connections that can help support us going forward.

New Moon
Monday November 13th – 10am ET (check your time zone here

Full Moon 
Monday November 27th – 12pm ET (check your time zone here)

New Moon 
Tuesday December 12th – 1pm ET (check your time zone here)


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Do I need to have previous experience with the modalities you mention?

  • EFT tapping, movement, energy work, and deep reflection will be woven into the program. You do NOT require any prior experience with these modalities but you do need to be ready to move forward.  All I ask is that you are open to experimenting with new ideas and practices.

You don’t need to worry about what everyone else is saying or doing.


What you DO NEED is to become strong and solid in trusting YOURSELF.


Clear out the inner resistance. Create new habits.

Keep yourself feeling safe and grounded as you take inspired and intentional action forward.

Build confidence to grow and live your dreams on your terms.

Connect with others just like you

Let the power of Find your Solid Ground: Healing Circle for Empath and Sensitive Souls help you to ‘
push the reset button’ and get you on your path.

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