too tired?

Often when we start out in business we have so many different ideas of how things will go. There are a whole host of things that an entrepreneur must think about and if we aren’t careful, we can find ourselves stuck in the weeds and feeling too tired.

Finding a way to keep our business growing and thriving so that we are not only serving our clients but also have a steady stream of new clients coming in, can be challenging.

It’s easy to get swept away in all the things that need to be done and find yourself too exhausted to go out and promote.  Especially if you have any limiting beliefs playing in your subconscious.

Finding what works for you

If you have chosen social media as one of your strategies, you need to get crystal clear on what that means for you.

How much time do you have available to spend there?

Which platform is the one you will focus on?

When I first started my business I would spend hours on Facebook.  Part of the time was connecting and building relationships, but part of the time was just being flitted away.  There are far too many rabbit holes that one can get sucked into and I certainly had my fair share of those.

Take a moment to take stock of where you are.

How is your time currently being spent each week?

Are you wasting more time than you thought?

Spreading yourself too thin

I see this all the time and I certainly have been guilty of it myself.

Rather than going a mile deep into a particular strategy (especially one that is working for you!) we often try and go a mile wide.  We want to be in all the places at once – doing all the things.

What is it that you really want to focus on?  If it’s bringing in clients, think about the current clients you are working with.

Who are they?  How did you find them?  What brought them to you?  Do you love working with them?

Is there a way to go deeper with this knowledge?

Slow down

Often we notice our energy waning.  When we are too tired to do what we planned, it is actually our nervous system out of regulation.

We’ve been rushing from one thing to the other for so long that we stopped hearing our bodies’ messages.

For me I had spent so long living in my fight/flight state that it seemed normal.  Then I got support and had someone reflect to me that what I thought was my normal was actually my body feeling very unsafe.

My behaviors left me feeling too tired to promote my business but not too tired to spend hours trolling on social media.

Regulate your nervous system

Living in a perpetual state of fight/flight zapped so much of my energy.  It kept me from feeling good.  I found myself in a continual spiral of guilt and shame.  It kept me way too tired to do the things I needed and wanted to do.

These days my daily tapping practice and my ability to slow down and get support when I notice myself stuck in the weeds is how I continue to grow my business and find my one-to-one spots close to being sold out.

Want to get a little taste of tapping for yourself?

Every month on the full moon I run a free taping circle for empath and highly sensitive entrepreneurs.  If you know that being too tired is your body’s way of keeping you safe and playing small and you want something different for yourself why don’t you join us?

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