You are not Broken

One of the things that comes up so often in my work is this idea that people feel they are not normal.  I hear it in sessions with my one to one clients all the time.  If I were normal I wouldn’t have this problem, or if I was normal I wouldn’t feel like this.  Each time I hear this it breaks my heart just a wee bit.

It breaks my heart because I know this feeling so well and I also know that you don’t have to feel like this.

As a sensitive being we are far more attuned to the world around us.  We see, hear, and notice so much more about our surroundings than the other 80% of the world.  Sadly the world is designed for the 80% so the 20% of us who are sensitive often feel like there is something wrong with us.

Some of the sensations that I and my clients regularly experience in the world are things like:

  • the lights are too bright (light sensitivity)
  • the music is too loud (sound sensitivity)
  • food sensitives
  • needing more sleep
  • having less capacity for societal expectations

In general, it can also take us much longer to balance our nervous system.  We need more alone time or slow space than others.

When a a glass is full of water and you add just one drop it begins to overflow.  This is often how the nervous system of a sensitive person feels.  Overflowing all the time because the glass is already full.

When we are continually trying to do all the things that are expected in society and they burn our energy it can be challenging to not feel anything other than broken.

Constant State of Overwhelm

I remember the time before I found tapping.  Before I healed my trauma.  The time when everything in life felt overwhelming.  Where I was constantly loosing my cool, yelling at home and just in general beating myself up because I wasn’t living the life I wanted.

I was already working for myself but I was still working a good 60 hours a week running a retail store.  Customers would come in and want to talk.   There were many days where I felt more like a bartender taking on the worlds problems rather than the owner of a retail store. I loved being connected in the community but I was tired of not having any say in where my energy went.

I also had a young child at home who needed my attention and I found it particularly challenging to have energy for her, for the store, for my relationship and for myself.  When I looked around at life I felt like I was 100% broken.  I should have been able to do all of it with energy to spare if I believed what I was being shown.

It took me to the point of burn out before I realized something had to shift.

Sensitivity as Your Superpower

One of the things I really wish I had done earlier in my business is get the right supports in place.  The kind of support that helped me realize what I needed and held space for me to heal and grow.

Support that gave me the ability to see my sensitivities as my superpower rather than constantly fighting and shaming myself.


I work with amazing souls who need support and encouragement to grow to where they want to be.

Just because you are strong does not mean you need to walk this path alone.

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