emotional wellness as business strategy
A quick internet search on business strategy indicates that there are three main strategies to building a successful business. These include a cost strategy, a differentiated product/service strategy and a focus or niched strategy.

As someone who has chosen to be in the online space as a coach, I knew early on that the best way for me to build success was through niching. I found a program that worked in accordance with that principle and dug in.


My Journey

As a sensitive person, one of the first things I noticed about myself when I started coaching was that sometimes things would come up with my clients that triggered me.

I realized early on that if I wanted to run this business with high ethical standards, I needed to ensure I had support for both the business aspect of things and also for the emotional side of things.

Often Overlooked

Being able to hold space while maintaining a regulated nervous system is not easy.

In many cases it’s not even on the radar of new entrepreneurs. But if it is not taken into consideration and honoured as an important aspect of your business, the chance of burnout creeping into your life is high.

Waiting Too Long

As womxn, we often put ourselves off until whatever our current issue is becomes so big we can no longer ignore it.

With empath and sensitive entrepreneurs this is usually the point when we have stopped being able to move forward in our business: things have stalled; we no longer have momentum; work that needs to be done is no longer being completed; we are not gaining new clients; and if we stop and check in, our mindset has started to slide.

Our business strategy stops being important because we no longer have the energy to work at it.

Emotional Wellness as a Business Strategy

Being sensitive means our capacity for external stimulation is lower right from the get go.  When we stop listening to our emotional needs, we start losing our ability to differentiate our energy from other people’s.

All the energy starts to get tangled up and when someone else starts to bring drama we don’t have a strong enough hold on ourselves to let that move through us.  We end up absorbing it without even being aware and then suffering the consequences.

Staying Regulated

The more we work through our own emotions and triggers, the stronger our nervous system becomes. The stronger our nervous system becomes, the less down time we need to regulate our system after a trigger.

When our nervous system is strong we have capacity to do whatever needs to be done in our business in order to find success.

Today I invite you to consider your emotional wellness as an integral part of your business strategy.

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