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If you’ve been an entrepreneur for longer than a hot minute, you know how much your daily mindset affects the success of your business.

The days when things feel good are amazing, but sadly they aren’t all like that.

Sometimes we end up with a client we don’t like or one who triggers an unhealed part in us. Occasionally we get great ideas that we are certain are divinely guided, but we don’t get the response we were hoping for. Once in a while we run into a jerk in the online world. There are so many ways that our energy and mindset can get derailed and this is where Emotional Freedom Technique comes in.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

I shared some basic information about what Emotional Freedom Technique in this post here.  This article also contains some links to scientific research and studies.

Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternative therapy (although becoming more and more mainstream by the day) where we tap on specific parts of our body (acupressure points) to stimulate various meridians and organs which might be holding stuck energy.

What are Meridians?

If you’ve not heard the term meridians before you can imagine invisible energy pathways that go through our entire body. This piece has detailed maps of each meridian.  The concept initially came through traditional Chinese medicine.

Which Organs Connect to Which Emotions?

Each tapping point connects to a different meridian, which connects to a different emotion.

Fear is associated with the bladder and/or kidney meridians.  These can be accessed by tapping in-between the eyes, or just below the collarbone.

Worry and nervousness are associated with the stomach and spleen meridians. This can be accessed with the eyebrow point in-between the eyes or under the eye on the bone. The crease of the chin also provides access to this emotion, as well as the spot underneath the arm. (see UA in image)

Grief can be found in our lung meridian as well as in our large intestine. These can be accessed via the point under the nose or the crease of the chin.

Anger and frustration are said to live in our liver and/or gallbladder.  This can be accessed via the side of the eye point.

Happiness and joy are connected to the heart and small intestine.  This can be accessed via the karate chop point that we use to set up the Emotional Freedom Technique.  (see SH in image) It can also be accessed via the side of the eye point.

Using EFT Tapping for Business Success

As a sensitive entrepreneur, big emotions can drain your energy and impact your business.  

If you are having one of those days where things are not quite what you hoped, my suggestion is to start tapping. Don’t worry about the words you are using and don’t worry about which point corresponds to which organ – just start tapping.

By going through the points for a few minutes (even without any words), you are giving your body the opportunity to come back online. You’ll feel safe and present in this moment which will then give you enough space to keep going with whatever you are working on.

Want to find out more about using EFT tapping in your business?

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