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When it comes to healing your body from trauma it can be hard thing to think about.   Most of us would rather pretend it isn’t an issue.  But if you are stepping onto an entrepreneurial pathway you will need to tackle some of the issues that are stuck in your body.

Without addressing some of this you will find yourself unable to bring in new clients, unable to maintain consistency and unable to put yourself out there.
After all, if you were going to bake a cake, you’d look up a recipe or ask a friend. You’d get clear directions and simply follow them.

Is there a recipe?

With emotional and physical healing, the journey often isn’t straightforward. You might think you’ve completed a step and made progress only to wake up tomorrow and realize you need to work through those same emotions all over again.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep fighting this battle on your own. There are many wonderful books out there that can help you as seek to heal your body after trauma.

Here are three that might be helpful to you…

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

This book is a wonderful combination of body-centered therapies, psychology, and neuroscience. But it’s written in an easy-to-read style that isn’t bogged down with jargon too difficult for everyday readers.

If you’re completely new to the concept of body trauma, The Body Keeps the Score is a guide that will explain not only what you’re feeling but why you’re feeling it. You’ll also get strategies and exercises that you can perform as you continue on your healing journey.

Feel to Heal by Giten Tonkov

In Feel to Heal, you’ll learn how to use body-based, trauma-release therapies to recover from your pain. You’ll also discover how to use meditation, breathwork, and conscious touch to overcome suffering and kickstart your body’s healing process.

Giten is a trauma release practitioner and founder of Biodynamic Breathwork, an organization that helps others heal emotionally and spiritually through the use of breathing techniques.  This book is powerful to get you on your way to heal your body.

The Body Heals Itself by Emily Francis

Although this book wasn’t necessarily written with trauma victims in mind, it is an eye-opening read by Emily Francis who is a massage therapist and Reiki Master with a BS in Exercise Science and Wellness from Jacksonville State University.

In The Body Heals Itself, Emily explores the idea that your body stores your emotions as energy. Several readers report that helped them connect with their emotional memories and release negative emotions their body had been holding.

You may also find this book particularly useful if you suffer from chronic pain and you have a history of trauma. You’ll develop a deeper awareness of your body and how it functions as you read.

When it comes to reading books about healing your body, it can trigger uncomfortable feelings. This is a natural part of the process but if you find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break from reading. Try to do an activity you find soothing like listening to music, creating art, or EFT tapping.  .
I do not recommend doing all of this work on your own, especially as the start of your journey.  Being open to understanding what has happened is a powerful first step but when it comes to the actual healing you want to work with an experienced practitioner.

EFT Tapping is powerful for gentle trauma healing

Having a practitioner in your corner who can see when you have left your body and are in your “fight or flight” response is super important and helpful. It makes you feel far less alone and safe which is of the utmost importance while working through your healing.

Remember that healing your trauma is often a gradual process with multiple steps so be kind to yourself during this journey.

Want to read more about healing?  Check out this post about dysregulated nervous systems and how to help regulate yours.


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