entrepreneurial resistance

In the entrepreneurial world I often find myself in conversations where people are speaking about their resistance.  They speak about it in ways that indicate they would like to be rid of this nuisance.  What I know to be true about resistance is that it is your nervous system working hard.  Doing the job it is meant to do of keeping your safe.

Here you will get to understanding your entrepreneurial resistance in a new earth way.  Full of love and compassion rather than trying to cut it out of ourselves.

It all starts with safety

So many of us take safety for granted because we have a roof over our head.  We live in relatively safe neighborhoods. In general, we aren’t contending with life threatening issues.  But in nervous system terms that doesn’t mean we are safe.

In the work I do I use tapping as my primary tool.

When I am starting fresh with a new client or one whose nervous system I am still getting to know;  I always begin with a statement that ends in right here right now I am safe.

I am continually amazed at how many people who are physically safe do not feel that this statement is true.  Their logical brains know it to be true.  Their bodies are not convinced.  This is the work to integrate these two aspects of ourselves.

It’s powerful knowledge to realize where we are.  This makes it possible to start with the truth.  It is the only way to create a true embodied shift in the nervous system.  This shift includes the way our brain’s neural pathways perceive information.

Why Tapping

I use tapping (emotional freedom technique) to connect in with the subconscious belief system.  It is a gentle non-invasive technique.  When used mindfully and with care it can give us the ability to expand the capacity of our nervous system.  This is the goal when dealing with resistance.

Understanding your entrepreneurial resistance

When I hear the word resistance automatically I know that for whatever reason your nervous system deems this act you are feeling resistance too as unsafe.  Whether this is an issue buried in the subconscious from this lifetime or past lifetimes (often there are a multitude of layers) we cannot just approach this energy with a push through mentality.

For example: if you are wanting to become more visible on your social media channels and you decide you would like to do more videos.  But you find yourself redoing your videos 100 times and questioning your expertise, feeling like an imposter.  Pushing yourself to do this might be helpful in the short term.  You might find yourself able to get a few videos out.

But in the longer term this is going to take a lot of your energy to get these few videos done.  And it is not a sustainable way of being.  When you are pushing energy upstream your chance of burn out is increased exponentially.  You want to be swimming downstream.  Working with the energy not pushing against it.

On the other hand, if you work within the capacity of your nervous system to understand your entrepreneurial resistance and clear out the old limiting beliefs then you can integrate these beliefs and create safety.  This is the goal.  Increasing the sense of safety within your nervous system makes everything easier.

What comes after safety

When we discover what is holding us back from feeling truly safe then we create space for those energies.  We allow them to be felt and then we invite those energies to be integrated within ourselves.  This may feel a bit esoteric but it is a part of the process to create integration for aspects of ourselves which we have had to separate from (for various reasons) .

Once we integrate these aspects and create that sense of safety it will become easier to do the things we wish to do.  Like videos for social media.

Understanding your entrepreneurial resistance is a powerful move towards new earth energy.  

If this makes sense to you and you find yourself curious about my work I’d love to have a virtual cup with you.  In our time together I’d like to hear about your business to assess if working with me would be a good fit for you at this point in time.


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