new earth energy

Where is the new earth?

Initially when I first started hearing this term, I thought it was a place we were going to.  I didn’t understand but knew it was important.

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve begun to connect more and more with this word.   I now know it to be an energetic space that I have inside of me.

New Earth energy is very different from the paradigm we have been in.  For so long, we have been in an energy of power over where there is top down leadership.  The new earth way is all about collaboration and community.  It’s a shift from me to we.

Is there proof?

Another difference between the new earth and the reality we have been living in is this deep reliance on science.  Don’t misunderstand science is valuable and important.    I in fact come from a family of scientists.  When we only believe in science we miss the magic.

The awareness that just because something can not be scientifically proven yet, does not make it untrue.  It is the ability to drop into our hearts, to step out of our minds and feel our way to what is true for each of us.  This is what will bring us to the new earth.

One of the most important new earth words discernment

Using our discernment will be incredibly important as we move forward.  The ability for us to discern what is true is for each of us individually.  To use our discernment, we need to know ourselves deeply and be able to lean into our inner knowing.

Some of us will be able to use our third eye vision and intuitive nature.  Others of us will use our heart as the guiding point.  Some of us will have the gift of being able to use both.

Embodying this energy fully is the path forward.   You will know you are there when the armor around your heart is no longer.

When you are able to step into love for yourself first and foremost, and then for all those you encounter.  When vulnerability feels easier than closing yourself off.

A little personal story

A while back I was at the cottage and across the lake I could hear the neighbors (who are already not my favorite people) talking about how much money a beaver pelt will get you.  It was a really upsetting moment to me.   I love all the animals so much and I really believe that we are the guests and we need to find ways to work together not just destroy what gets in our way.

I knew that even though this was extremely frustrating for me hearing them – getting angry at them was not the solution.  I needed to find a way to love them no matter what.

Even when they are doing things that don’t align with my views.   I haven’t managed to love them fully yet.  Even so I trust that I am well on my way, as I embrace the energy of the new earth and the magic it brings.  

If you know you are a new earth leader (even if it doesn’t make sense to your logical mind) and you’d like to have a chat about your business – book in for a virtual cup. 

We will discuss how you can step into a bigger leadership role by embodying your authentic style to bring you more business success and emotional wellness.

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