Yin Yang symbol with feminine and masculine traits equally balanced.

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our business. We bring our unique perspectives to the table.  The way we approach our goals is influenced by our qualities of femininity and masculinity. But when these aspects are wounded, they not only affect our personal lives but also our businesses. Wounded feminine qualities can manifest as victimhood, emotional reactivity, and lack of boundaries. Wounded masculinity can show up in the form of aggression, control, and a lack of emotional availability. However, a balance between healthy feminine and healthy masculine aspects can lead to a thriving business. Healthy feminine qualities include intuition, nurturing, and adaptability, while healthy masculinity can show up as assertiveness, clarity, and focus.

Take a moment and just feel into the magic that your business would have if you were able to use your intuition and be in action.  If you were able to feel the flow and move from that space.

In this blog post, I will explore the ways healthy masculinity and healthy femininity can pave the way for your business success.


Balancing Out the Feminine and Masculine Energies for Business Success

What Does Wounded Feminine Look Like?

The wounded feminine is often characterized by feelings of disempowerment, low self-worth, and a lack of trust in oneself and others. Those of us who have experienced trauma or abuse, have been conditioned to believe that our emotions and intuition are weak, often exhibit traits of the wounded feminine. We see this in ourselves when we struggle to set boundaries, find it difficult to speak up for ourselves, and lack confidence in our abilities.

In the entrepreneurial world this can be seen as enmeshment, codependency and a lack of boundaries.  An inability to say “no” to jobs that aren’t a good fit, or deadlines that don’t make sense.  As empaths and sensitives this easily happens for us which is why it’s imperative to regulate the nervous system and bring our feminine and masculine sides into balance.

What Does Wounded Masculine Look Like?

The wounded masculine is often associated with traits such as aggression, control, and an inability to express vulnerability. We live in a world where we are taught that showing emotion or sensitivity is a sign of weakness.  These perceived weaknesses can activate wounded masculine characteristics. We might find ourselves struggling with communication and empathy, often resorting to aggression or domination to assert our power.

Initially I thought power over was the only model there was.

Wounded masculine is often the result of societal conditioning that tells us we must be tough, powerful, and in control. This can lead to a lack of empathy and an inability to connect with others on an emotional level. The wounded masculine is often driven by fear and a need to prove oneself, which can lead to overworking, burnout, and an obsession with success at all costs.

In the entrepreneurial world, the wounded masculine may show up as overworking.  No time for celebrations, vacations, or down time.  It can also come out as a complete disconnection form the physical body.  Not giving yourself a break to move when your body needs it or ignoring the need to pee.

When my masculine was out of balance it was really hard to stop working at the end of the day.  There was only one measure of success available.  It takes time to build a business and it felt to me like I was always behind.

I wouldn’t want to work for anyone who was running their business in this way.  It was startling for me to realize I had been treating myself worse than many of the bad bosses I had experienced.

What Does Healthy Feminine Look Like?

The healthy feminine is characterized by traits such as intuition, compassion, and emotional intelligence.  Those who embrace their feminine energy are able to connect with their emotions, express their needs and desires, and set healthy boundaries.   Healthy feminine also includes embodiment.  Connecting to your intuition and using it to make informed decisions is powerful healthy feminine energy.  Hearing your internal compass with a strong ability to discern what is right and wrong for yourself is divine feminine in action.

Healthy feminine is the embodiment of yin energy.  This energy is receptive, creative, and nurturing. A healthy state allows for emotional connection, deep listening, and empathy towards others as well as for ourself. It is the energy of the heart and soul that guides us towards our true purpose.  Which is exactly why most of us got into entrepreneurship to begin with.

As an entrepreneur who has healthy feminine energy your communication and ability to connect emotionally is your superpower.  Creating a safe space for yourself and those who come into your sphere to express their feelings and ideas is empowering.  Being able to hold this space without being swept away in it makes you an incredible rock star.

What Does Healthy Masculine Look Like?

The healthy masculine is characterized by traits such as assertiveness, confidence, and a willingness to express vulnerability.  Those who embrace their masculine energy are able to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and take action to achieve their goals. They are able to express vulnerability and connect with others on a deeper level.  This is done by using the strength to support and empower those around them.

Healthy masculine energy creates safe spaces for healthy feminine energy.  Together they create divine union.  

How Does Healthy Masculine and Healthy Feminine Show up in Entrepreneurship?

As entrepreneurs, we want to create a balanced and successful business.  

The healthy feminine can bring emotional intelligence, intuition, and empathy.  This helps improve communication and promote positive relationships. The healthy masculine can bring assertiveness, confidence, and action-oriented thinking.  This helps drive results and achieve goals. Think business plans, structured time for tasks, and big picture goals.   By balancing these energies, entrepreneurs can create success.

Healthy masculine energy allows for clear boundaries, effective decision-making, and the ability to take risks. It is the energy of the mind and body that guides us towards our goals and helps us manifest our visions.  The healthy masculine shows up to provide clear direction, goal setting, and take inspired action. Productivity and efficiency is important but not at the expense of yourself.  Which is what happens to many entrepreneurs who wind up in burn out.

When both healthy feminine and masculine energies are present in business, it creates a balanced and harmonious work environment. Healthy feminine energy allows for emotional connection, empathy, and creativity, while healthy masculine energy allows for clear boundaries, effective decision-making, and productivity.

Creating a space where your feminine and masculine energies are balanced means you can bring your whole self into your business.  This creates a positive feedback loop where you feel fulfilled and motivated, which leads to increased productivity and success for your business.  

Find Your Feminine Flow

Let’s transform your wounds into wisdom, harnessing the power of both your masculine and feminine energy, together. My find your feminine flow offering is a journey towards self-love, healing, and empowerment. 

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