Boundaries can be defined as a place where you draw the line or limit. This line or limit can be regarding a behavior, language, or even a relationship. Each of us as individuals get to decide where and what our personal boundaries are. What do you think of when you consider the word boundaries?

For many of us our personal boundaries were disregarded when we were young. In some cases it was as simple as being told to kiss or hug someone goodnight when we didn’t want to. Our parents may have felt that behaviour was rude, or they may have been embarrassed by our responses and so we were taught to disregard our boundaries.

By taking the time to grow and create our personal boundaries we are creating a safe container for all those we interact with, including ourselves.

Consider the situations and experiences that make you feel your best in addition to understanding those that are not in alignment with your highest good can be serious work. The rewards from this work can also be incredible.

Clarity on what works for you can create space for clarity with others. When your communication gets clear and you are telling others what you need from them they feel safe doing the same.

Imagine how good this world would feel if we were all asking for what we need and getting it!

Take time to look at your life. See the places where you are holding anger, resentment, overwhelm, or feeling exhausted. These are great starting points for boundary work.

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