3 things to help you decide if your childhood bullying is still affecting you

 1.  Are you disconnected from your emotions?

There are two ways for this to come into play. 

The first is a flat lining.  You experience very little emotion.  That includes both good and bad emotions.  You don’t feel much joy or happiness, nor do you feel much sadness or anger.  You just sit in a emotionally void space   People often tell you they don’t know what you are thinking.  You also most likely have a hard time noticing sensations in your body. 

The other side of this coin is overly emotional.  This can often include emotions coming out during random times that aren’t appropriate.  Perhaps crying at work during a review, or flying off the handle when it’s not warranted.   You feel sensations and pain in your body very strongly -especially pain and suffering. 

2.  Do you find yourself repeating patterns?

You’ve been around the block a few times already and yet as you look back over your life even though the players have changed, the circumstances seem oddly similar. It may be a different partner or a different job and yet the dance that you are involved in feels the same. This may be a pattern of trying to keep your heart safe so you’re not committing to anything that might hurt you – but this pattern is no longer serving you. In fact, it is holding you back from stepping fully into emotional maturity. 

3.  Do you Suffer from low self esteem?

When we experience bullying during childhood it can change the way our brain responds and can often affect our belief systems regarding our self worth.  (see learned helplessness)  We all have doubts and struggles with low self esteem occasionally but if you often feel overwhelmed and have strong memories of your bullying experiences you might be carrying that residual pain inside. 

Talk therapy is always the first step to help heal these wounds.  Often though we need an additional release to allow the healing to come into our bodies where much of this pain is held. 

If you feel like any of the above scenarios fit you and you are ready to for change then book a session today and let’s create that shift together.
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