empath entrepreneur boundaries matter

Have you ever worried that you would be swept away by your clients’ emotions and drained of all your energy? It’s common for empaths to experience challenges with limited energetic resources and becoming easily overwhelmed. That’s exactly why empath entrepreneur boundaries are so important.

The more that you are able to put effective boundaries into place and stick to them – the stronger you will feel energetically. That’s good for you. And that’s good for growing your healing service based business.


Creating boundaries may be new for you as an empath

One of the first things I hear from potential clients is that the word boundaries is a bit confusing for them, especially when it comes to their business. It’s not surprising that empaths who choose to become helpers (like therapists, energy practitioners, coaches, or healers) say that they grew up in households where there were few boundaries, if any.

I’m one of them.

No wonder then, as empath entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves struggling to figure out how the heck boundaries are supposed to come into play now in our business.


WHAT boundaries are and HOW they affect your business as an empath entrepreneur:

Boundaries are a set of rules or regulations that you determine in support of your personal, mental, and emotional states. They can be physical or energetic. Boundaries are about respect (for yourself and others).

One of the first boundaries I put into place in my business, for example, was working hours. Since I work directly with clients, this meant getting clear about what hours of the day (and days of the week) I was willing to schedule our sessions.

Then I looked a little deeper and decided how many clients I would reasonably be able to see on a given day. I chose what felt appropriate for my energy levels and how much time I needed in between sessions to clear and feel grounded.

Although these may sound like basic and simple boundaries, when we are self-employed, these lines can very easily become blurred, to our detriment.


As an empath entrepreneur, you feel it when boundaries are crossed


Let’s say you have a special client who needs additional support outside of your regular hours. You empathize and want to do your best to support them, so you squeeze them in just once.

They ask again. And then another client asks. Your automatic response is, yes. Soon you realize that your boundaries are no longer solid.

You might be keeping other people happy at the moment. But you’re no longer taking care of yourself and your own energetic needs (even if you think you’re doing the right thing for your business).

This becomes a downward spiral where you eventually have LESS to give clients. OR to invest in marketing activities to reach NEW clients. OR to have energy to ENJOY the other important areas of your life.

Try this:

Give yourself some quiet time to reflect on your business goals, energy drains, and fears.

  • Journal on it. Identify what boundaries you would LOVE to create for your business to protect your energy and reduce overwhelm.  
  • Then sit with it. Feel into it.  Notice your body and how it is responding.  
  • Give yourself permission to prioritize your own needs. 
  • What’s one NO that you are ready to create a clear boundary around (so that you can create space for an energetic YES)?
  • YOU get to decide what to do next. 
  • If this feels really uncomfortable notice that as well.  Be GENTLE with yourself.  


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