energy leaks

Energy Leaks

This past weekend I choose to plug up one of my energy leaks.

When we started on this journey I was not sure how things would go after the first year. I was leaving a job I loved and I wasn’t ready to close that door at the time. It was a job I had worked hard to get using manifestation combined with action.

We have plans to be on the road at least one more year and at that time I’m not sure what city we will land in full-time. As my coaching practice is becoming fuller and I am seeing real transformations with my clients I know that this is the work I want to continue with for the long haul.

I took the plunge and wrapped up that old job by sending an email to my old boss and letting her know I was not coming back.

Plugging the Hole

It was hard to send that email.  Regardless of what the reality would have been if I had asked to come back, having that open door gave me a feeling of security, of belonging, and a sense of safety.

On an energetic level it was holding me back.  It was keeping me from being fully engaged in this new life and this new vision I have been holding.

What came up for you as you watched this video? Can you recognize any spots where you might be holding yourself back? Where you might still unconsciously be holding onto something that had value for you once but doesn’t really anymore?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Want to talk through some of your energy leaks?

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