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Do you have a powerful morning routine that helps set you up for success?

For most of my life I hopped out of bed and hit the pace of 100 miles an hour within the first few minutes…..things need to be done….get moving…rush….run….go…….

When I took the time to start really looking at this movement I began to realize that none of the things I was doing first thing actually needed to be done (at least not at that time in that way!)

I was on autopilot and the reality was if I was wanted change in my life I had to start choosing the way I wanted it to start.  For me this meant getting a solid morning routine in place.  .

Mornings Routines can be Magical

Over the past few years since we went on the road in the RV for a year in 2016 I have dabbled with a variety of morning routines.

2020 brought more change and more opportunity to find what I wanted my mornings to feel like.

When my hubby started to work from home, this was when I started with the perfect morning routine for me. Initially he was heading out to work which meant during the winter months we needed an alarm to ensure that mornings started off with space.

My preference is to allow my body to choose when it’s ready since most days I am up by sunrise if not well before.

Working with my body

Each time I get conscious with the life I want to be living I am blessed to be able to make better choices for me.  When we were on the road, we never needed an alarm so during that time I learned how happy it makes me to wake when my body is ready.

I go to bed when my body says, and I get up when my body says.

This act alone brings so much joy into my life.

1.  Getting outside

Since we have a dog and she is high energy – once we are out of bed it’s off for a walk. Depending on the weather we either walk through our neighborhood or on the great days we get into the forest.

The forest is my happy place – it’s where I can hear spirit the loudest and I feel the most at home. If I were given the choice, I would walk barefoot but living in an urban setting that’s not so practical (so much broken glass) so shoes it is.

During the walk my body has a chance to wake up – the blood starts pumping and the energy begins to move. Often, we see the sunrise (when there is one) and this helps regulate my natural circadian rhythms.  

I love this moving start to the morning routine.

2.  Gratitude

Recently I have started to add gratitude to this morning walk.  Gratitude generally comes quite easy for me (although there are some days that it’s a bit harder) but my partner often struggles with this.  In fact, he was quite resistant when we first started this practice.  A few weeks in and it is starting to feel easier and it’s making a difference in his day.

3.  Meditation

Once we get home it’s time for a short 15 minute meditation.  I use insight timer.  I’ve set up a timer so that it rings a bell after 5 minutes.  I find this super helpful for the times when my brain has wandered off.  I also like to do various different styles during these 15 minutes so breaking it into segments works well for me.

4.  Lemon water

Next I move onto some warm lemon water to support my liver.  Check out this article for more details on the benefits of starting your day with lemon water.

5.  Neti pot

The last step I include in my health and wellness routine is my neti pot.  I’ve always tended towards using it when I am ill or feel a cold coming on.  Over the past few years since I spent time in Ecuador I’ve been using it daily regardless of whether I feel healthy or not.  It makes me feel like I am taking really good care of myself.  Check out this article for the benefits of doing this.

Being intentional like this helps set me up for success as well as makes me feel abundant and cared for which is how I want to start my days.

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