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Protecting your boundaries is a powerful concept that we aren’t taught.  When you become an entrepreneur there will be many instances that push your boundaries giving you opportunity to learn what works for you and what doesn’t.  It’s important to learn how to protect your boundaries so that you don’t burn out.

Personal Development and Entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  It really is such a gift even though it may not feel like it at the time.


Boundary check in

Recently, I had an opportunity to check in with my boundaries.

I received some feedback on a free training I did that was rather surprising to me. It was not at all what I expected from someone who had attended the training and took me for a bit of a spin.

Taking time to process

I knew right away after I received this feedback that there was something strange happening. Although I had walked away from that training feeling like it was a powerful, this particular person felt that I was not talking the way I wanted to be heard.

Trauma in action

I had some choices to make. Do I choose to allow their words to derail my ideas about how this training went or do I choose something else?

It would have been easy to feel defeat.  I could have easily allowed myself to sink into that space of “not enough” .  I’m familiar with that space and have spent much of my life there.

What I did instead

I took the time to look at what I had asked for and what I had received.  Where do I need to get stronger and protect my boundaries?  What could I have done differently?

I realized that I had the opportunity to shut this conversation down the minute my boundaries were crossed.

The moment it became clear that the conversation was draining my power I had a choice to make. I didn’t make it then since I was so surprised, but I am making it now.

I choose to protect my boundaries and allow myself express permission to disregard anything that doesn’t feel in alignment for me.

Protect your Boundaries

As an empath in business, I know there will be times this happens to you. Someone will share their thoughts, whether you asked for it or not, and it turns out to be less than constructive.  From here the choice is always yours.  You can never change how other people act only how you choose to respond to their actions.

Today, I want to offer you the same permission. You get to protect your boundaries. It is up to you what you do with other people’s opinions and thoughts. The choice is always yours.

Energetic tools to help protect your boundaries

1. Ask your guides for support. Regardless of whether you are able to have conversations with your guides or not you have them and they are there for you. In a situation that feels unsettled or threatening you can ask them for support. This can be done in your minds eye and does not need to be out loud.

2. Bubble yourself

Take a moment before a situation where you might need extra protection to enshroud yourself with white light. I usually start at my head and move around my body. I imagine myself as if I am in one of those big bubbles.  For me this bubble is white.

3. Return to sender

Every single interaction we have online or in the real world creates connection. When I feel unwanted energy coming my way or feel a drain, I send that energy back by using the phrase return to sender 3 times.

Each of these tools is helpful but they are a temporary fix.

For the long run, you need to protect your boundaries by ensuring that you have strong boundaries in place.

By having strong boundaries in place, it is much easier to know what is your energy and what isn’t.

Just like your car needs regular maintenance your energy body does as well.

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