Are you ready to take charge of your life?

I can still remember the days.  So many days where I just wanted someone to give me the answer.  Just tell me what to do.  I don’t know what it is I am supposed to do to make this suffering stop.  At that time in my life the suffering involved the never ending barrage of NOT GOOD ENOUGH playing in my mind.

This comes up often in sessions with new clients.  They want me to give them the answers.  There are certainly moments when that might feel easiest.  And what I know for sure if that in order to really embody the internal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment – we need to do the work ourselves.

Who is on your team?

We can get the right guides in place so we don’t have to be alone the whole time.  Sadly, the work can not be done by anyone else.  It is actually imperative to get the right supports in place.  So much of the personal growth it can only be done in relationship.  If we don’t have the right support in place we can end up repeating our trauma patterns.  They will continue to repeat until we bring them into our consciousness.  

When I realized that I was the one who was responsible. If there was adulting to be done it was to be done by me. If I wanted my business to succeed that was up to me. I needed to step up and co-create my life.

This video was done during my RV travels and although some of my thoughts have changed slightly around this I didn’t want to remove the video because the view is just so gorgeous.

I still believe that it is our job to take charge of our life.  It is however not necessary to push our lives into the shape we want it to be.  Our job is to get to know ourselves well enough so that we know what will bring us happiness and fulfillment. 

As we get to know ourselves more and more we step into a more powerful energy.  We own our happiness which in turn helps us take charge of our life.

Want to see what support might feel like?

Book in for a virtual coffee and let’s have a chat.  We can see how your nervous system is doing as well as get a feel for where you’d like to go.

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