tapping shame

Tapping Shame right out of Your DNA

EFT Tapping is one of my favorite modalities to help heal in a gentle trauma informed way.

This audio gives you a small taste of what can be accomplished with EFT tapping.  This sequence is audio only.  It goes quite fast.  Therefore, you may wish to pause it in-between my speaking.  By doing this you give yourself time to complete the sequence and take a moment to observe how it sits in your body.   This will help make this a very personal experience for you.

By taking time to consciously release shame and send it out of your body – you are sharing a loving act with yourself.

I believe that much of our stories and baggage come not only from our childhood  and family of origin but also from generations past that can get stuck in our DNA. Using this tapping shame audio will help you open up your subconscious to see what might be stored within.

Our Body Knows

This tapping sequence checks in with your body and allows you to release some of the stored emotions that are found there. 

Oftentimes we are not aware of what is motivating us or even what our triggers are.  All the traumas that we have experienced throughout our lifetime  are stored in our bodies.  For some of us our minds have blocked or changed the events we experienced in order to function. 

For EFT Tapping to work it doesn’t even matter so much what words you use just so long as you continue tapping through the points.

This is a deep piece of work and if you find yourself getting emotional know that is completely normal.  Keep tapping through the points until you feel the emotions coming to calmer place.

Check it out, see how it feels…..notice what comes up.

If you are curious about working together you can find out all about my packages here. 

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