What does emotional resilience mean for you?

Being an empath or HSP in business is filled with a diverse set of challenges.  The messages I received growing were clear that business and personal should be separate.  In the entrepreneurial world these days the lines have become so much less rigid and long gone are the days of having to do things a certain way.

This video below shares a bunch of my back story and my overall entrepreneurial journey.  Here’s the short version.  I used to teach baby yoga.  This was my first foray into entrepreneurship.  It was around the same as I started working a multi-level marketing selling organic personal care products.  These two things combined started me off on my entrepreneurial journey.

From here I moved deeper into the yoga world and I started teaching kids yoga.  One of the things that I started to bring into my kids yoga classes were books.  Specifically, books that talked about emotions.  I started brining these books because I felt so strongly, and I still feel so strongly, that we don’t have enough emotional learning and by that I mean emotional resilience.


Our children have these big emotions and they don’t have the opportunity to learn the words and coping skills to go along with these emotions unless we teach them, which means they turn into adults who have even bigger emotions.  It is our job as parents to help our children find their way to emotional resilience.  Which means doing our own emotional work.
I spent hundreds of dollars 15 years ago buying this series of books that were all about emotional resilience.  It was a whole package of workbooks and drawings.  Real in-depth information to help kids understand.   There were sections for all the emotions sadness, anger and grief.  Emotions that we just don’t talk about but that doesn’t mean they aren’t present.

I’ve had a few clients come to me who lost parents at a young age.  These children were never afforded the opportunity to grieve which means the body is still storing that grief.  It has been waiting for an opportunity to safely release this pain.   Unfortunately, we aren’t taught this and often think we can just ignore these emotions until they start coming up in our daily life.  Getting in the way of growing our business and keeping us from being our full authentic selves.

I’m not teaching yoga anymore but instead am focused on helping empath and HSP entrepreneurs allow their emotions to flow so that they can share their messages in a a more powerful way with the world.

Working with Me

As a part of the work I do there is a huge focus on emotional resiliency.  As life throws things at you, you are confident and solid in yourself knowing you can tackle whatever is coming your way.  Those hiccups don’t derail you .  You have the strength to dust yourself off and move forward, perhaps in a slightly different direction but forward all the same.

The entrepreneurial path is a road with many ups and downs.  We are constantly trying things out and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes people really don’t like the work you are putting out or are feeling very triggered themselves.  This is not a sign that you need to stop.

All it means is that it is not resonating with them.

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