benefits of crying

Can you imagine that there are benefits of crying that play out in your business?  I know it might feel hard to wrap your brain around it, but it’s true.

A client recently joked with me that I should change my tagline to, “I help people CRY for a living”. It made me smile to imagine saying that the next time someone asks me “what I do”.

But it really is true. I believe that crying is GOOD for your BUSINESS.

Why? Because TEARS are ENERGY moving. And when you ALLOW the negative energy to move through your body, you can release it.

That creates space that you can use to grow your business.


Repressed Emotions

Many of us grow up in a situation where we feel it is better to hold our tears in. The idea that only babies cry or that crying is some form of weakness has been pushed deep into our psyche.

We learn to hold it in. Through that we learn to respond with protection around our hearts so we don’t feel the need to cry. We build walls and barricade ourselves behind them so we can’t be hurt.
These repressed emotions wind up getting stuck in our bodies and end up causing disruptions in our energy patterns which can eventually lead to illness.

You Can Heal Your Life

If you are familiar with the book written by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life, you have most likely already seen the connection between what is going on in our body and the emotions that are contained there.

For example: lockjaw is seen as anger, a desire to control and a refusal to express emotions.

Now if we were able to feel that frustration and cry when the events happened that caused this energy disruption, lockjaw would likely never come into our energy field.

Shutting Down Our Healing Capacities

Due to the way we deal with emotion and feelings in our world, many of us who have experienced trauma have not been able to process it through our bodies, which means that energy gets stuck.

Benefits of Crying

Crying helps move that energy.  When we combine crying with tapping, we end up shifting the energy and eventually this creates space to rewire the brain.

This means that instead of believing that crying is bad and thinking we need to stop it, we actually allow that energy to run its full course which creates a sense of safety within.

Allowing the energy to move and be free is one of the biggest benefits of crying.

It’s Hard to Cry

If we learned that crying was not acceptable, it can be hard to access those emotions due to the depth with which they have been buried.

Emotional Freedom Technique helps open the door and create the connection with emotions that we have been disconnected from.  It is a powerful but gentle technique for creating movement of stagnant energy

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