eft for trauma

EFT for Trauma

Willow was involved in a school bus accident when she was in middle school. Although she survived, some of her classmates didn’t. In the years that followed, Willow continued to have flashbacks, nightmares, and difficulty concentrating. She received counseling but continued to struggle with the after-effects.

When she was older, Willow had difficulty letting her own children go to events without her. She realized she needed help and reached out a coach who introduced her to the concept of EFT.

What Is EFT?

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique. Some people call it “tapping”. It involves touching various parts of your body to release physical trauma. Everything that happens to you and around you creates energy. When you have positive experiences, your body holds onto this positive energy. This may explain why children from healthy homes often go on to have successful careers and fulfilling marriages.

But the body also stores negative energy, too. When you experience traumatic events, you may not realize that your body has absorbed the experience. If you don’t release it, you continue to carry it with you for years or even decades. Perhaps this is why children who come from difficult home lives have more challenges in their personal and professional lives.

How Does EFT Work?

EFT works to help you release negative energy. But you can’t just tap anywhere – there are certain pathways in your body. These are called meridians.

They are the connections between one area of your body and the emotions you experience. For example, if you’re feeling indecisive then tapping under your nose while you repeat a soothing mantra may be just what you need to start moving forward.

Why Is EFT Effective for Trauma Victims?

Most victims carry some physical form of the trauma even if they have no visible scars. Willow never had a scar from the accident she was in. Sure, she’d had a few minor cuts and bruises but she healed seemingly fine physically.

But she carried a lot of pain in her abdomen, even years after the event. Thanks to her new coach, Willow realized this was due to her anxiety over her children going to school daily.

She began learning how to tap the area underneath her eye to access the stomach meridian. As she did, this helped her let go of the obsessive worry she felt and trust that her children would be protected by the universe.

Depending on your trauma, a trained coach who is familiar with EFT can help you identify which meridians you need to target. While EFT may help you early on, it can take a few weeks to learn how to release all of the negative energy you’ve been holding onto. So stick with it and don’t give up if you don’t immediately feel better.

If you have had big traumas in your life or have tried EFT and are finding that things are not moving in the way you had hoped, getting some professional help can make all the difference.  See what options there are for working with me one to one here.  


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