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Empath entrepreneurs who over deliver

As empaths we come into this world with such open hearts.

I believe that we have chosen to make this journey earth side and through that we have a big mission of shifting the energy on this planet from the place where “society is disconnected to themselves ” to a place where we all have a deep understanding of who we are an what our unique needs are.

We are emotional beings and when we are deeply in tune with our emotions, our nervous system is regulated.

Many of us have experienced trauma and have had to find a safe way to move forward. This may have created a distance or disconnect from our emotions as a survival mechanism.  Because of this there can be a host of unhelpful coping behaviors that are present in our life.

As adults, we get to decide how we want to move forward in life.  This is a piece many of us often forget.

Do we want to move forward from that place of trauma and pain within us or are we ready to heal those wounds to lead?

These choices are not easy ones to make and yet at some point during our adult life, we must begin to take responsibility for ourselves to move to that place of surrender and healing

This can often feel really scary and it is not necessary nor beneficial to push through.  There is no need to do this work alone.  Working with a mentor and to find a safe place for your nervous system is imperative.

Lessons we learned that create blurry boundaries

As babies and little ones we are often transmuting the energy of our homes to create a more harmonious space. This is something that all empaths do without even realizing it.

We are aware of the energy and we work to change it.  Most often we do this without even thinking about it. It is our natural state.

You may have noticed that people gravitate towards you. Often people tell you all their problems. They instinctively know that you can help them feel better.
Sometimes these people become dependent on you to help them.

With strong boundaries in place you can easily disentangle your energy from theirs.  You know what is actually work for you to do and what isn’t.

Confusion sets in

This is where things can start to become confusing.  Since we have been transmuting the energy in our home for a long time already when we begin to travel the greater world it is no surprise that our boundaries are confused.

Physically of course we know where our body ends.  Energetically is a whole other story.  Especially if we have experienced trauma and or have any history of co-dependence in our journey.

Since we are energetically always shifting things for those around us it can become very confusing to try and decipher where your energy starts and stops.

We loose sight of ourselves.  We loose sight of our needs.  We loose sight of our boundaries.

It becomes so easy for those blurry boundaries to take over.  .


Strengthening your blurry boundaries

I love this saying “good fences make good neighbors”. It really brings home the idea that it is our job to begin to create that strength within us.

When we stop always fixing things for others and working to increase the vibration all the time we start to have a better handle on our own energy.  We notice when we are becoming exhausted and drained.  

When we are letting all our energy go towards other people it becomes impossible to focus on moving your business forward.  Especially if you are a DIY gal like myself.

As I always say to my clients, just because we can does not mean we always should.  In fact, in most cases if we have any question about whether that is our work to do or not the answer is most often no.

It is not your job to ensure that all those you come in contact with are happy and it is definitely not your job to be raising the vibration of everyone you meet.  No wonder you are feeling exhausted.

Although there can be societal benefits in wanting to connect in this way it is important to notice those tendencies and ask if they are actually serving you.  Many people are happy to have you do their work and will like you so much more when you follow their rules.  

However it is most likely not what is right for you long term.  Your job is to find your mission here, and step fully into that.

Your job is to release other peoples expectations and the limiting beliefs within you and begin to rise into your full power.

How do I do this?

A huge part of this journey of strengthening your boundaries comes from getting really intimate with your own emotions and limiting beliefs. Finding a place of 100% acceptance and loving energy for yourself.  This is far easier said than done.

In most cases, it takes time before things become clear.  Starting to notice the limiting beliefs and being gentle with yourself as you open up.

Letting go of what you have been told and actually starting to align with what you know is truth.

Working one on one with clients we start by accepting the emotions that we have been told are bad or not acceptable and allowing them to flow through our bodies.  These thoughts and beliefs start coming to the surface through the use of EFT tapping and expanding your awareness.

Creating this strength and resilience around your emotions will mean that you are less worried about what others think. This work creates a space for you to be more comfortable in your own skin as well as having a strong base.  It creates a space for you to be crystal clear instead of blurry with your boundaries.

When the winds of the world blow you will be solid in yourself and rooted in your power so that you are far less inclined to collapse and be swept into other peoples stories.

No more blurry boundaries for you!

Are you ready to take charge and start strengthening your boundaries?

In this 5 day course available on Insight Timer you can get yourself ready to tackle and event with strong boundaries.

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