How do you know if you are emotionally detached?

For many of us who grew up being bullied or abused as children we learned to keep our emotions tight.  Each time we allowed those emotions to come forth we were showed that this was not okay.  Our emotions were met with disapproval or discomfort because those we shared with didn’t have the capacity to hold space for us.  We learned to create distance between us and our emotions and move through life keeping ourselves safe but disconnected.

Then suddenly years have gone by – maybe you got married, maybe you had kids, your kids grew up and you realize that you have been pushing your emotions away for a long time. They are buried so deep in you that you don’t even know what they are anymore and maybe you’re not sure who you are either. You notice it’s been years since you stopped to consider your feelings let alone talk about them!

When you think about it, you realize that you’ve kept most of the people in your life at arms length. If people want to get close to you and really connect, you put up your shield or limited the amount of time you were spending with them. You realize that you’ve been hiding from other people’s emotions as well. When friends are sad or angry, you try and avoid them. Seeing their emotions stirs something in you that you aren’t comfortable with. 

Emotions are Messy
Emotions are messy and you keep them all nicely tucked away. You are strong and perfectly capable of moving through life without your emotions, right? Take a few moments here – breathe deep and ask yourself if this is really the way you want to move forward.

What if it were actually a sign of strength to connect into your emotions?

What if thinking about them, talking about them and tapping through them made you feel better and more emotionally capable of handling life?

What if you were able to look at what started those patterns and allow that to be released?

What if you could look in the mirror and tell yourself that you loved you and 100% mean it.

What would that feel like?

Are you ready to change this?

If this article feels like you and you are ready to connect into your emotions let’s talk.

Grab my one hour emotional intelligence session for $100 and let’s start to find some real connection for you.

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