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Healing circles are powerful catalysts for change

Having just spent a week watching the panel talks that are an accompaniment to the movie The Wisdom of Trauma featuring Dr. Gabor Mate, it all makes perfect sense.

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Mate’s work.  His “no shame” approach to healing trauma has felt like a balm to my soul.  If you haven’t seen this movie it is a must watch.  Regardless of whether you do trauma work yourself, or are just healing your own traumas.

Community heals

One of the biggest truths that I have felt for a long time is that community helps build connections.  When it is a safe and supportive community so much magic can be created.

As an entrepreneur it can be challenging to stay motivated.  Often we find ourselves feeling alone.

If we have experienced past trauma and through that created safety mechanisms of judgment and perfectionism (among other things), it can easily derail our business.

Healing circles take away that disconnect.  They create a space where there is no other – there is only us.  It helps us realize how deeply connected we all are.

Although my experience might be different from your personal experience, we all want the same things – to be loved and seen and accepted.

We are all human beings going through similar versions of the same growing pains and when we can lean on one another it gives such a gift of healing.

Rat Park

There is a famous study done on addiction in rats in the 70’s   Check out the comic that summarizes it here.

It clearly showed the difference that community can make on rats.  We do much scientific testing on rats to find out if things are safe for humans.  Therefore it makes sense that humans will also do better in community.

I know that this study was done on addiction and not running your own business and you might be wondering where I am going with this…

What’s the connection?

When we are running our own business, everything falls on our shoulders.

Until we have enough income and a large enough business to hire help (if that is even your goal).  You are responsible for marketing, sales, operations, systems, and tech.

Having a supportive community where each person is working towards their goals on their own time gives you immense benefit.  You get the bonus of group thinking and brainstorming to decrease that sense of isolation and overwhelm.

Knowing you are not alone on the journey and knowing there are others who have your back can make a world of difference.

This is where a healing circles can be such an important piece of your business success strategy.

Astrological Energies

When we connect into a larger picture and realize that we are part of something bigger.  It helps create a container where we can see our healing business does matter.  We are fed energy rather than constantly having our cup drained.  This is huge as an empath in business.. It becomes inspirational and raises the vibration.  It can be hard to constantly stay upbeat on your own.

From here it allows others to feel our raised energy which in turn magnetizes our clients to find us.

Connecting into the cycles of the moon and the grounding energy of the earth helps us trust our own inner knowing.

Building the bridge between our mind and our bodies creates long term healing and a powerful base for expansion.

Is it for me?

When we are storing old traumas in our body (as we all do), it can show up in our business as a lack of motivation and a lack of consistency.  Sometimes also as a fear of being seen.

Our old traumas create stories for us that remain stored in our bodies. Understanding and finding acceptance for these parts is the key to healing and the key to having a long-term successful business.

If the thought of connecting with your body and creating a bridge to expand from while having community support sounds good to you, I’d love to invite you to check out my Find Your Solid Ground 6 month mentorship.  

Full Moon Circle

On October 7th at 2pm ET I am running a free full moon circle.  This is the perfect opportunity to share energy with other like minded sisters and see how being in community feels.  I’d love to support you in this way.

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