releasing trapped emotions

Do you have a vault of trapped emotions that need to be released?

We live in a world where the primary objective has been to keep our discomfort to ourselves.  When you think about the whole concept of TMI and how when someone asks how we are doing and we say anything other than fine people often do a double take.

What?  How dare you speak honestly about how you are feeling.

We learn from an early age that our big emotions need to be kept inside of us.  We push them down and trap them in our bodies.

So often we start to fight with ourselves in a subconscious way since the feelings and emotions are still present, but we are feeling guilt around having them.

This creates an intense struggle which has a massive affect on our energy levels and business success.

It’s not safe to let those emotions out

Going through life being told that what you feel isn’t okay creates a sense of unrest and a lack of safety within our bodies.

When this happens, we are creating energetic blockages which can result in physical discomfort as well as lack of flow in your business.

The question then becomes how do you create that sense of safety so you can start  to release trapped emotions.

Release trapped emotions

There are many ways to start to access these trapped emotions.  My favorite way to do this is through EFT tapping.  (click here to see a video I did for a program I ran)

It’s important to note, when we have spent years trying to hold everything in often when we start to open this door there can be some intense emotions coming to the surface.

If you haven’t felt your life in many years and you’ve lived through various disappointments and frustrations as these emotions start to come through things can feel overwhelming.

The desire to put the lid back on can be strong which is why I recommend working with a practitioner to create a safe container and keep you moving forward instead of retreating back into that turtle shell.

Finding the right support

There is a ton of noise on the internet these days and lots of people are promising shiny, easy ways to heal.

Who doesn’t want a release valve to ease the pressure?

If you are serious about long term success and growth for your business, you need to find a practitioner that you feel comfortable with.  One that understands your needs, where you want to go and can hold that safe space for you.  A support person who can help you release trapped emotions in a way that feels safe for your nervous system.

When it comes to nervous systems there is no one choice fits all approach.  Each nervous system has a unique set of coping behaviors and many are quite sophisticated.

Once you begin to allow the emotions to flow through you everything will begin to feel easier and more spacious.  Your sales calls will feel softer and the pressure you have put on yourself will begin to ease up.  Your business will feel light and fun and people will be pulled into that energy.

Want to have a chat?

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