Lion's Gate Portal

What is the Lion’s Gate

The 8th day of the 8th month, in the sign of Leo.  This is when the lion’s gate portal opens.  It is a powerful energetic day that creates space for us to deepen our connection on the physical and spiritual realm.

2018 was the first time that this term crossed my path.  Which was funny since I consider myself to be quite an astrological woman who is deeply connected to the earth, the stars and the moon cycles.

Two years ago, I had my first deep experience with the lions.  I did a mediation while we were at the World Schooling conference and during this meditation I had a White Lion with wings visit me.  This is unusual for me – during guided meditations or visualizations I most often get sensations or feelings, emotions or ideas but very rarely do I ever see imagery.  I started to pay attention to the Lions.

The following summer I had placed an order for a custom mala from the lovely Mika Malas.  I’ve known Monica for a long time and when I realized her company was connected to the Lion Energy – it seemed like Divine Intervention once again.   When the Mala was completed the message was that I was to receive it on the Lion’s Gate.

So now I pay close attention to this date each year.  This is also why I choose to launch the  find your solid ground program on this day each year.  It invites us all to step into this container with extra special intention.

Lion’s Gate portal

This gateway is an alignment of the Earth, the star Sirius, and the Galactic Centre.  In numerology this combination of 8’s connect to the energy of empowerment.

As empaths and highly sensitive people it has become increasingly clear that our mission is deeply connected to empowerment.  Owning our power.  Creating strong boundaries.  Stepping up to lead the way to emotional intelligence.  This is what it means to be an empowered empath.  It is also the path to being a highly sensitive leader.

The big question that we are being asked to focus on is how close are you to living your authentic truth?

We are in transition as a planet right now.  We are moving towards a more heart centered planet.  This is an intense time.

Many of us will try and grasp for more control rather than softening into trust. This keeps us stuck in the old paradigms and old ways that were all about control.

Manifesting with the Lion’s Gate

Do your best to stay in flow and reduce your resistance.  Come back to your heart energy.  You can do this by placing both hands on your heart and taking three slow deep breaths. 

This helps you connect into your truth.  Your heart never lies.  By taking this pause it gives you an opportunity to see where you might be pushing against the energy.


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