no can be a beautiful word


No can be a beautiful word

Ella realized she was overloading her schedule the night she missed her daughter’s first dance recital. As the daughter of parents who never supported her, Ella had promised herself she’d always make being there for her kids her top priority.  In addition to her childhood experiences, Ella is also an empath, which means she could feel their disappointment.  That was too much for her to carry.

From that day on, Ella decided she would begin embracing the word no and apply it to any situation that wasn’t a good fit for her and her family. She said no to the committee she’d been running and invited someone else to take over. She took a hard look at her social calendar and began declining events that would take away from her family time.

Within a few weeks, Ella felt like a new woman. Not only was she able to be there for her daughter’s important milestones, she was also more energized and happier than she’d been in years.

What Happens When We Say No

It’s tempting to believe that if you say no to that next event or opportunity that the world will somehow collapse. But the truth is that “no” rarely means we miss out—it’s often the opposite. By saying no, we get to create more of what we want in life. If you’re having trouble with this word, here are just a few of the amazing benefits you can expect when you use your “no” more often…

Free to Be Present

When you’re overbooked and stressed, you’re constantly focused on the future. You’re looking at your phone and scanning it for the next event on your calendar rather than paying attention during that important client meeting. You’re worrying about how you’re going to get everything on your to-do list crossed off when you’re at the park with your child.

The more you say no, the more you create beautiful space in your life. That means you don’t have to rush from one event to the next, constantly worried about what’s upcoming. Instead, you can relax and fully enjoy the current moment. You’re finally free to be present.

How might your life feel different if you were more present during important moments?

Are you ready to start using your no?

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Free to Be Happy

As an empath one of our big triggers is rushing.  So when we try and jam too many things into a small time this creates so much stress. While cramming activities into your to-do list might temporarily give you a charge, doing it consistently will make you cranky and overextended.  From here your window of tolerance shrinks.  Which means you are unable to stay regulated for longer periods of time.  Everything begins to feel stressful.

When you say no and only take on what you know you can realistically accomplish, you’ll feel happier. You don’t have the pressure of twenty-five million undone tasks sitting on your list. Instead, you focus on achieving what you can and you let everything else slide away.

Are the things you are saying yes to creating joy?  What would you like to be doing more of?  

Free to Experience Energy

When was the last time you woke up and looked forward to tackling your day? When was the last time you felt joy when you contemplated your to-do list? When was the last time you felt you could greet the day with an expectant spirit?

Make the word no a frequent part of your vocabulary and watch how your life changes. You’ll discover energy you didn’t know you had. You’ll find there’s suddenly time to do the things you’ve always wanted to. You’ll explore new projects and opportunities and you’ll do so with joy.

As an empath our most precious resource is our energy.  Where is your energy going?  Is there enough energy available for you?  

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