The Power of Your Words

Have you ever considered the power behind the words you choose?

I find language to be such an interesting subject.  It’s changed so much and continues to do so.  Words that in my childhood would never have been found in the dictionary are now there and new ones are being added regularly.

In this weeks video I talk about the power of two specific words.

One has the power to tear people apart and wreak havoc on the world.  The other has the power to connect us all in any given moment.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

For those of us who were bullied as children and sometimes even into our adult lives, the words that the bully used become ingrained into our being.  We can find ourselves running a loop of that negativity and perpetuating that cycle of abuse against ourselves.

If you find this happening in your life: know that you are not alone.  Trust that this can change.  We can rewrite the program that is currently playing in your brain to a kinder, more loving story for yourself.  How would that feel?  Are you ready for that shift?

If you are interested in chatting to see if this work might be right for you – grab your discovery call right here.

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