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EFT Tapping Coach for Empaths and Sensitives in Business

One of things I’ve noticed with my clients is that as empaths, we carry a lot of pain.  The world can be this crazy, painful place.  We experience trauma and with our sensitive nature this winds up stuck in our bodies.  Most of us progress through life and we start to build up walls.  The wall that keeps our heart space safe.  We build a wall to try and protect ourselves so that we don’t feel as much pain. All of this is done via your subconscious mind.

As an empath in business you can imagine that having a closed heart can be an issue depending on what sort of work you are doing.  If you are in the healing space it’s imperative that you find a balance between being too open and absorbing all your clients energies, and being so closed that you can’t connect on a deep level.

EFT Tapping

As a EFT coach I often hear the question does tapping work?  Let me tell you each nervous system is different but for all the various healing modalities I have used during my lifetime this is by far the one I personally have seen the most shift with.  I’ve seen amazing transformation in my clients.

Many times they come with a history of trauma which can keep them playing small in business.  Through working with me as their EFT coach we clear out the trauma response in their bodies so they can keep a regulated nervous system.  They don’t forget what has happened but they realize that they still get to make choices going forward.
I love watching my clients come to incredible realizations about who they are and what is actually possible for them.

Are there goals involved?

The goal of the work we do together is to enable you to trust yourself.  Through working together you learn to hear your inner knowing and to trust it.  Through this trusting of yourself you make decisions about what is right for you going forward faster and easier.  The second guessing of yourself and wondering which choice is right begins to go away because your sense of self has gotten so strong.

The building of this trust within yourself creates clarity around your needs, wants and desires.  So often as empaths we were told our needs and desires weren’t valid.  Through working together you start to realize that this is your life and you have to choose what is right for you.

Imagine how great it will feel when you can lean in to your intuition while managing your business.


Lots of my clients come to me stuck in their sympathetic nervous system.  From the outside it looks like the are highly functional but once we start to look within they know that there is still deep suffering happening inside and it’s keeping them from living the life they really want.  

During the holidays things can become especially charged.  Sometimes we get stuck in this automatic response from an interaction we have had, or a conflict we’ve dealt with.  Whatever occurred for us to put us in this state (and if you are like me – you’ve spent much of your life in this place!) our bodies get placed on hyper alert.  If it’s not addressed we end up staying in that place and it can often last for days.  (again let me say I’ve lived here for years!)

To keep your nervous system feeling safe we begin our work with what is going on in the here and now for you.   We work with responses, reactions, more current events that allow you to see in a safe way where you are feeling stuck.  


The physiological result of being in fight/flight means that all the blood rushes out of the front of your brain.  The body is on high alert and blood rushes to your arms and legs so you can run from that tiger that is chasing you. 

Until we bring the blood back into the fore brain to get things moving again, it is impossible to make rational decisions.  You can’t grow or make any kind of reasonable decisions.  It is not physically possible.

In order to step back into rational thought and reasonable reactions you need to come back into your body.  This is where working with a EFT coach can help.

For myself, I started to realize I was in fight/flight when I found myself yelling.  Each time I heard myself yelling and it was not a fit to the current situation I began to notice that I had left my window of tolerance.  Our window of tolerance is the the place where my rational self resides.  The calm, cool, collected adult that I want to be.  EFT coaching helps you get clear on what your window of tolerance is.

When we leave our window of tolerance, our emotions override everything.

Knowing what your window of tolerance is and taking the time to consciously expand it creates so much more space for a joyous life rather than one filled with the energy of lack.  This idea that there is not enough time or money or resources.

You find yourself with a handle of your emotions rather than them running your life.



Want to find out more about using EFT tapping in your life and business?

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