nothing is working

I remember those days vividly.  Working hard to get my business off the ground.  I felt like I was doing everything I could possibly do and each day I ended up feeling like nothing is working.

There were moments when I would question if healing work was right for me.

A piece of me knew deep down that this is the work I am meant to bring to this world, but another piece of me wondered if I was ever going to get it working.


Someone must have the solution

For most of us our first go to when it feels like nothing is working is to start searching the internet for the right course.  Someone out there must have the right answer.  There must be a magic bullet… I just haven’t found it yet.

Perhaps I need another marketing course, or a new platform, or maybe there is a better coach who can show me the way.

I remember sitting in my dining room with a friend thinking how great it would be if she could just give me the answer.  Just tell me what to do and I will do it.

If only

Although my friend was a super smart and savvy business owner herself, she did not have the answer I was looking for.
There are a few reasons why she couldn’t give me the answer, but the most important one was that she is not me.

For the answer to truly resonate and for me to be able to take the action necessary, the answer must come from me.

It must come from my core and be in alignment with what is right for me and the only person that knows that truth is me.

This comes up all the time in client sessions.  I could give my clients what feels to me like the right answer, but that’s not necessarily the right answer for them.

The mind needs space

In our society we are action oriented. When we are doing, we are in motion and it feels like we have some control. At least that’s how it feels for me.

Over the years however, I have realized that the best information comes to me when I slow down and create space for stillness.

Stories and more stories

I can hear you saying “sure, that sounds like a great idea but who has the time for that and really what does that even mean?”

I’m far too busy to just sit still, I’m far too busy to meditate, I have all these things to do, people need me (and whatever else is playing out in your mind).

These are stories. Not to say there isn’t some truth (maybe you have small kids, or need to take care of the household or any number of other things) but I also challenge you to see if there isn’t more to this story.

Stories help keep us safe and stuck in our patterns, especially if we have past traumas that haven’t been healed.  Stories make sure we don’t step into our full truth and full expansive self.

What can I do?

The biggest issue that gets in the way of business success is when you get stuck in a perpetual nothing is working mindset cycle.

Mindset is a blanket term for all those faulty beliefs and programs that served you as a child or even as a young adult but as you age and step into running your entrepreneurial business they are getting in your way.

If you find yourself stuck in that nothing is working space, here’s my suggestions:

1.  Meditation

It doesn’t have to be for a long time, and it doesn’t even have to be with your eyes closed in stillness.  There are a million ways to meditate, and the goal is for you to be present in this moment.  You can do a mediation while washing the dishes (taking time noticing how the water feels, the temperature, how your feet are meeting the floor), or even while walking.  Noticing how your feet feel as they meet the earth, the sounds around you, the colour of the sky, the texture of the trees.

2.  EFT Tapping

Sometimes when I get stuck, I just start tapping.  I go through the tapping points, not necessarily talking out loud but just moving energy to see what comes up.  If you aren’t familiar with tapping, I would suggest signing up for my free five-day training series that helps reduce overwhelm and guilt as well as get you in the habit of tapping.

3.  Get support

Having someone in your court who doesn’t think that they have all the answers, or even that they need to have all the answers, will change your energy.  It will create a safe container for you to feel into your truth.  Once you can acknowledge what your truth is in this moment, that’s when you have the chance to really change things.

Stepping away from the stories isn’t easy but it really makes a world of difference in how you move through life.

Want to find out what it’s like to work with an EFT pracitioner?  Check out this blog post here for more information.

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