Why HSP Coaching?

Over the course of my healing journey I have worked with many different practitioners using many different modalities.  Each one has offered me an opportunity for growth and expansion, but the reality is that some of these experiences were better than others for me.

One of the big reasons for that is the nervous system safety that gets created when there is a sense of comfort. Since I am an intuitive empath and HSP, my language is energy. When I can be witnessed by someone else who is like me, a strong sense of safety is created.

Shame of Being Sensitive

There is so much shame in our world. Many HSP’s have deep layers of shame around being sensitive. In order to hold space for another sensitive person, we need to have addressed this aspect within ourselves.

For me this has been a huge part of my journey – really honoring and noticing where there is a desire to shrink back, or make myself small which results in lessening my abilities to see and understand things so deeply.

Standing strong out in the world and being my authentic self has been a real journey.  It’s taken me time to accept that my capacities may look different from others. It’s taken me time to see these parts of myself as my superpowers rather than something to be ashamed of.

If this piece is resonating for you, you might benefit from this free meditation I have created to help release the shame of being sensitive

Regulating Your Nervous System Changes Everything

HSP coaching creates a sense of nervous system safety. When your nervous system feels safe, and you are better able to regulate yourself, everything changes.

Nervous system regulation means that you can easily decide which clients are right for you and which clients are not. It becomes easy to go out and speak your truth in an embodied way that calls your dream clients towards you. You can commit to yourself as well as trust and honor your needs.

The biggest and best shift that occurs when your nervous system is regulated is that it no longer feels like you must push energy up a hill. Instead, you find flow and allow yourself to move with it. You have the opportunity to leave the push energy behind, tap into your desires, and allow those to lead you forward rather than the constant shame of “shoulding” on yourself.

Can you feel the energetic difference in that? What would change in your life if you didn’t have to constantly push things through?

Freedom Through HSP Coaching

As we move into the new way of being, leaving this push energy behind is a massive part of the program. That energy of desperation that has driven so many of us to dis-ease, to burnout, to sacrifice ourselves… the tides are turning. That energy is not the way forward. It’s become increasingly clear as we look around and see the state of things.

I believe that it is our job as HSP’s and empaths to lead the way.  Are you ready?

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If you know it’s time to heal and step into that leadership role by growing your nervous system capacity, let’s connect. You can book a free virtual cuppa right here and we can see if working together might be just what you need to move onto that next level.

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