Negative energy clearing is a part of my daily habits.  If you are a lightworker, healer, coach, or therapist of some kind, and consider yourself to be of the empathic or sensitive nature, I know you would benefit from adding this to your daily habits as well.

What is negative energy?

When I use that term, I am not referring to evil or energetic vampires.  I’m talking about the day-to-day energy that people carry with them.

As a coach, I often deal with intense emotions.  People bring me their shame and guilt as well as their anger and sadness.

Each time I am in session with someone we hook our energies together. This is part of what happens with every single interaction you and I have throughout the day.

Some of the connections go deeper like in a one-to-one client session, but others – like when you order a coffee or just say hi to a neighbor on the street, are just light and can easily be released.

They are considered negative energy because it is not your energy – it is energy that belongs to others.  If you have a history of people pleasing or not having strong personal boundaries, this energy builds up and starts to drag you down.

What happens to your business?

The heavier your energetic load becomes, the harder it is to notice your own workings.  Your intuitive nature begins to become clouded and it’s harder to hear what is right for you.

This can mean that you start to listen to other people’s thoughts around your strategies and business workings or that you fall into hustle mode – trying to do all the things all the time.

In fact, what you really need is quiet time to hear your inner knowing and a negative energy clearing routine.  This can be much harder to accomplish in our society that values pushing rather than BEING.  

Negative energy clearing

Clearing out the negative energy and unnecessary ties isn’t hard and won’t take you a long time. It can be done in under five minutes.  All that is required is your intention.

In my own personal practice I generally use sage or another herb I have on hand to open the energetic space for sessions as well as closing the space for sessions.  I use the smoke and the energy of the herb to set the intention.

The most important piece about the way you choose to keep your energy clean is intention.

I open the space with conscious intention, and I close the space with conscious intention.  I connect into the energy of my client and I am very clear that that time is for them.

Sometimes I will use a reiki technique to clear out any remaining ties.

Depending on how intense the session was, I check into my own nervous system and see if anything in session knocked me out of whack.

If things were really dysregulated and I noticed myself being pulled into the dysregulation, I may need to go for a walk or even just stand in the yard taking a few deep breaths – consciously releasing the energy into the earth.

Intention is everything

When you notice the energy surrounding your interactions, you will start to become more familiar with your own energy.  It will become easier to see when something or someone has gotten hooked in where they don’t belong.

The more you are able to be intentional with this aspect of your business the more other pieces will start to fall into place.

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