We are living in an incredible time right now where access to information and people makes the world seem so much smaller than it is.  I have friends and colleagues all over the world and I feel so blessed to have the internet to connect us all.  Most of these beautiful souls I have never met in person, but together we are working to create a better world.

What might be happening if your coach isn’t highly sensitive

One of the things I have seen with my clients is that they are working with a few different coaches at the same time. I’ve noticed that some of these coaches trigger the fight/flight response in their nervous system. Over the long run, working with someone that is constantly triggering your system isn’t going to be helpful – even if that coach has the very best system for marketing or sales.

Why does this happen?

When our nervous system is out of balance and we have trauma in our background, we can find ourselves seeking the familiar. These familiar experiences might be exactly what triggers our system and keeps us from having a regulated nervous system.

For me, this showed up clearly in the early relationships I chose – men who were not safe and friends who were emotionally unavailable. None of it felt good but it was familiar and so my body felt a certain level of comfort.  It took me quite a bit of time to unravel this truth for myself.

One of the ways this showed up in my business was in trying to mold and fit my business into what has worked for others.  Trying to manage my business from the energetic perspective of someone who didn’t need as much reset time as I did.

Taking the time to choose a different path and a different way of being involved some discomfort and a real desire to get present and hold myself there in loving kindness. I could not have done it alone.

Working with a highly sensitive coach

One of the big differences that many of my clients have shared about working with me is the deep awareness I have for when their nervous system has a shift.  When our work together is just starting, this awareness is a powerful way for me to hold the mirror up to my clients – allowing them to notice what is occurring for them as it happens.

Creating a safe space for the nuances to be observed is the first step in creating a different reality.

As an intuitive empath who is also highly sensitive, I hold the space for you to truly be seen – not the mask you wear daily – the real you whose work and light is so needed in this world.

EFT Tapping is a gentle effective tool that I use in my practice that helps regulate and balance our nervous system.  If you want to find out a bit more about what a session with an EFT Coach looks like you can read this post here.  

Want to have a chat and see if working together might be right for you?

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