10 reasons you need to embrace no

10 reasons to Embrace No

Karen had just turned thirty when she became engaged. At the same time, she was planning her wedding, she also took on two key projects at work and began volunteering at a new organization that started in her area as well as helping her sister pack for a cross-country move.
Rather than say “no” to any of these commitments, Karen kept saying, “yes”. As her wedding date came closer, she felt overwhelmed, stressed, and scared. She could barely manage her life now. She couldn’t imagine adding another person to it.

A friend gently pointed out to Karen that she had “overspent her yeses”. She explained, “Your ‘yes’ is how you spend your time, your energy, and your money. You only have a limited number of yeses to give.”

As an empath our energy is our currency and when we overspend our yeses it takes much longer to bring our system back to “normal.”

Karen gave her friend’s words some thought and decided she needed to step back and say no more often. Along the way, she discovered some exciting benefits of embracing her “no”…

Reason #1: No Protects You from Burnout

When you say yes to everything else, you have to say no to your own needs and wants. That means sometimes your priorities end up falling to the bottom. If this happens continually, eventually you’ll start feeling resentful, grumpy, and tired.  As an empath, when you are in this state it is impossible to function.  This is when we become swept away in other peoples emotions and energy.

Reason #2: No Earns Respect

People don’t respect a pushover they can bully. They might like a pushover, and they may enjoy getting you to do things for them (especially if these are their tasks to begin with). But they don’t actually respect and admire you.

Yet a funny thing happens when you say no, you earn the respect of those around you. They recognize that you have your priorities and your values. That instantly makes them admire you. They’re less likely to try to intimidate you or push you around.

Reason #3: No Lets You Focus on Your Values

When you say “no”, there’s space to focus on your value. If you constantly agree to helping on twelve different committees, then you’re saying no to spending more time with your spouse. Now if what you value is intimacy with your spouse, then you’re saying “no” to your values.

This creates a situation that is upsetting and painful. It means that you’re not living out the life you came to this earth to live. You’re not walking in your values. As a result, you feel inauthentic and bitter.

For empaths, that feeling of in-authenticity is excruciating.

Reason #4: No Creates Space for Others

It’s tempting to think that everything must be done by you. But in reality, you can’t handle every project and request that comes your way. When you try to do it all, you take opportunities from others.

Perfectionism is often the result of trauma.  Somewhere along the line we learned mistakes are unacceptable.  Take a moment to allow that to sink in…..what would happen if you asked for the help you need?

Maybe a friend asks you to design her poster for her upcoming cafe opening. You’re tempted to say yes, but then you think about Sue, who is getting started in graphic design and would absolutely love to do a project like this. Now, you can step in and say yes, and be stressed out and angry.

Or you can suggest Sue instead and let her stand in the spotlight. Not only will you have less to do, but Sue is going to be happier as is your friend.

Reason #5: No Protects Your Energy

Women in today’s society are often encouraged to wear a “superhero” cape all the time. They’re expected to be everything to everyone and do it all with a smile and a good attitude.

But what you have to remember is that you have a limited flow of energy. This means that when you encounter things that will drain your energy, you need to stand up for yourself and firmly say, “I can’t do this.”

Perhaps you could recommend another person for this task or suggest an alternative. You could also simply say, “I’m sorry. This doesn’t sound like a great fit for me right now.”

Keep in mind that just because you over commit does not mean you will magically gain the energy, the strength, the stamina, or the time you need to accomplish everything.

Reason #6: No Adds Margin into Your Days

When you are constantly over committed, there is no margin in your life. For example, if you plan back-to-back meetings all day, with no margin, then by the time you hit the end of the day, you’re hungry. You’re stressed out. You’re feeling grumpy because you’re overworked.  As an empath, not having space in our day can leave us wiped out for days.  Do you have time for that?

When you say no, you create that margin your mind and body desperately need. When you don’t commit to every meeting or every project, you can show up and bring your best self, best energy, and best focus.

Reason #7: No Gives You Confidence

The reason so many women say yes is they want to be liked. But when you realize you can live without the approval and validation of others, it’s entirely freeing.

Suddenly, your whole world opens up. You don’t have to spend your evenings going to the book club if you hate the book club. You don’t have to take every call from your cousin who just wants to complain about her ex-husband again.  (especially if you have recently realized she’s an energy vampire) 

You no longer have to work for everyone’s approval. The moment that you realize this—the moment you realize that you can say no and still have people like you—you become liberated.

Reason #8: No Makes Room for Self-Care

It’s common, especially in Western societies, for women to feel like they must always be busy and always be productive. This leaves you very little time or even no time for self-care most days. But when you say “no” to what doesn’t matter, you’re making room for self-care.

Your self-care can look like anything you want it to. Maybe self-care for you is spending one night a week at home to read a book in a bubble bath. Or perhaps it means that you have time to take your kids out for a walk after dinner every night. Maybe that makes you really happy and that’s self-care for you.

For me, self care is getting support to do the deeper work I want to release that need to be busy.  It comes in the form of tapping, yoga, and meditation.  

As you say “no” more, embrace taking care of yourself. When you’re a priority, amazing things start happening. You show up to events and meetings feeling energized and excited to face the day. You greet challenges with enthusiasm, and you trust yourself to find the best possible solution.  (this one is huge – so many of my clients spend a long time finding ways to really trust themeslves)

Reason #9: No Gives You Back Control

Without a firm “no”, you can feel like your life is spiraling out of control. You feel like everyone else is making decisions for you. You’re busy working on everyone else’s priorities. You’re meeting their needs and yet you don’t feel good about yourself.

Saying “no” gives you back that feeling of control. It reminds you that you are in in the driver’s seat of your own life. You are picking and choosing what your priorities are and living according to your values.

Reason #10: No Makes Your “Yes” Precious

When you say “no” to the wrong things, you get to say “yes” to the right things. You get to say yes to the things that excite you.

Yes, to the projects that energize you. Yes, to the relationships that fulfill you. Yes, to the dreams and the goals that truly matter to you. Yes, to the values that reflect who you are as a person.

At its core, saying “no” is about choosing what doesn’t matter and refusing to give it any more space in your life. When you do this, you have the freedom to say “yes” to the things that truly matter to you starting with yourself!  

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