empath entrepreneur fears

Starting a business is scary for anyone. But empath entrepreneur fears are heightened by a sensitive nervous system which can create additional challenges. Left unaddressed, you may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. I’ll share three common fears and what you, as an empath entrepreneur, can do about them so you can be well AND be successful

In a previous post, I described how boundaries help you succeed as an empath entrepreneur. Yet, many highly sensitive and empathic womxn are afraid to say “no”.



Empath entrepreneurs have told me about these fears. Can you relate?


Fear 1: I won’t be successful because my clients will drain all my energy.

This fear makes it a real struggle to get your business off the ground. Fear can keep you in a state of perpetual procrastination, which can sometimes be disguised as perfectionism.

Fear 2: I won’t be able to show up reliably or deliver results consistently

This fear, also relating to energy, can easily keep you from putting yourself out into the world. After all, why start working with a client if you are worried you’ll let them down?

Fear 3: I won’t have enough time or energy for the lifestyle I want.

Fear of overwhelm. Especially if you have financial goals that feel like a stretch, and you still want quality time for family and other important parts of your life, this fear can be paralyzing.

The common underlying story:

These fears share a common trauma story playing out in your mind. It’s an experience (or many) that happened when you were younger. These experiences taught you it isn’t safe to go out into the world and make mistakes.

I understand these fears. And I know that boundaries help you as an empath entrepreneur to feel stronger energetically so you can be of service. They also create confidence so you can go out and promote yourself in a way that feels free.

What empath entrepreneurs can do about fears:

A powerful shift occurs when we begin to realize that the old story is not really true. That the little girl inside us who is trying to keep us safe no longer needs to run the show.

Remember the role of boundaries. Whether physical or energetic, you have the power to set the rules in support of your personal, mental, and emotional states.

It’s OK to reach out for support with this. Working together, we create a safe space for that little girl to be a little girl again. We create a space for her to know she doesn’t have to keep you safe anymore because YOU are an adult and YOU’VE GOT THIS.

If you are constantly being swept away by other people’s emotions, I can help you create strong boundaries even if you feel afraid or too guilty to say NO.

Find out how my 1:1 services help empath entrepreneurs like YOU to create a solid foundation for success in your business.

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