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Are you a sensitive entrepreneur?

All of the sensitive entrepreneurs I’ve met over the years started their journeys following the rules.  They went to school, got good grades, proceeded to get a good job and settled in for the long haul.

These women were the good girls and because of this they followed along with the expectations society had set forth.

At some point along this path, they started to feel the struggle. Not with the work (because that part came easy) but with the dissatisfaction of work that wasn’t connected or authentic to their inner core.

This is the struggle of a sensitive entrepreneur.  The struggle that comes with wanting to live a life out loud and instead continually being told to fade into the background.

My story

I spent years working in a corporate environment trying to fit myself into the box society gave me.

During this time, I spent countless hours in tears over the toxic environments, the competitive nature, and the disconnection from soul.  It all felt like such a struggle.

When I finished my workday and went home I would just want to completely numb out.  This couldn’t be all there was to my life. There had to be more, didn’t there?

I didn’t feel good, I had no energy, and everything felt overwhelming.  The slightest ripple out of the ordinary sent my system into high alert.  Burnout was sitting on the horizon just waiting for me.

Rock bottom

One day I came home from work to discover my boyfriend had cleaned out our apartment.  He had taken everything that was his, and left me almost nothing.  He didn’t even leave me any cutlery for meals.

My girlfriend who was there for me at the time made a little joke about my ex being a vacuum and sucking everything out of the apartment.

This was a turning point for me.  When I look back through my life, this is where the change began and in hindsight I feel so much gratitude for that experience.

Initially though it wasn’t easy.  In fact, it felt like everything in me had died which meant I walked around those first few weeks in an absolute fog.  I remember someone at work asking me what was going on and I couldn’t even respond.

Slowly my senses came back online and my system recovered from the shock.

Taking your power back – honouring my sensitive nature

Up until that time in my life, I had been waiting for someone else to light the path for me and show me how to create a change.  A piece of me also believed that someone had to give me permission.

I could see now how that mentality wasn’t serving me.

It was time for me to step up.  I started taking care of myself, got some help and began asking people for what I needed.  I began to build up my inner strength and resolve and I became a sensitive entrepreneur.

Thriving not surviving as a sensitive entrepreneur

Over the next little while, I began to move more and more into alignment.  I started to pay close attention to what I was feeling.

Taking the time to be present and notice what brought me more good feelings, and where I would find myself heading into overwhelm.

I created a morning routine for myself that started with tapping and meditation and I got conscious with the choices I was making and the ways in which I could nourish myself.  This included incorporating movement into my days through my yoga practice and spending time loving myself.

By being honest with myself and looking at the stories I and others were telling me, I was able to journal and tap until those old programs were no longer the loudest thoughts in my head.

I choose the life I wanted rather than the life I was told I should be happy with and I started saying NO to other people’s expectations.

Are you ready to start making change in your world?

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