grounding techniques

Grounding techniques are an important aspect of working with energy.  It’s something we often forget as we move into the higher spiritual realms.

Regardless of how spiritual you are, if you are reading this you have a body.  We came here to have this earthly experience and need to make sure we are connected to the here and now.

Many of my clients are amazing healers and I often see them stuck up in the astral realms.  This feels good for them and has worked to keep them safe in the past.  By only staying in the upper realms they are missing some of the powerful aspects of being fully embodied.


What does it feel like to be embodied?

I asked this question today on social media and one of the women in my circle gave me the best answer. She stated that it feels like coming home. The comfort of cozy PJ’s, a good book, a soft blanket and maybe a cup of tea.

As I imagine myself in that place, I can feel that warmth and safety that comes from this type of embodiment.  It’s actually how I feel each time I come to my yoga mat or when I start tapping. These are my favorite grounding techniques.

However, I know it doesn’t feel like this for everyone, and in fact only feels like this for me because of the work I have done.  It can be a challenge to allow ourselves to become embodied if we are storing trauma.


Spiritual Bypassing

For many of us who are following a spiritual path, we have been taught to think in terms of love and light.  To only create space for the good thoughts. When we take time to acknowledge the truth at those moments when it isn’t amazing, this somehow makes us less spiritual.

I totally disagree with this line of thinking. My belief is that the more you acknowledge the truth of what is (even if it’s a lousy truth), the easier it becomes to see it as something you can move through.  The idea here is not to force it,  but to allow the truth.  (Can you feel the freedom in that thought?)

An example from my life

I purchased a year long planner program with printed materials. Knowing myself,  I work best when I have something concrete in my hands. It keeps me focused and I tend  to capture much more of what is in my head.  When I do that it means I have a higher likelihood of actually doing something with the information.

Sadly, at this point my planner has not yet arrived. Initially I tried to be okay with this because it felt like the more enlightened thing to do.

I started to notice that I was feeling resentful. Annoyed at the situation and feeling frustrated because I am having to scramble my days together.

Stop Pretending

Once I felt this emotion coming up, I started to acknowledge it in my morning tapping.  (check out my morning routine on this post)

Grounding techniques come in many forms but EFT Tapping is one I use all the time.

When I did this for myself, I used the set-up statement:

Even though, I am feeling angry and resentful that my planner isn’t here I love and appreciate myself anyway.  A few rounds of this made a huge difference in the way I felt.

By taking the time to acknowledge the truth of the matter not only did my body feel heard and appreciated, but it lessened the resentment and anger.

Yoga and Tapping

Between practicing yoga multiple times a week and having a daily EFT tapping practice I find it easy to stay grounded and deeply connected to my body.

The deeper this connection is for me, the more present I can be with my clients.

The more present I am with my clients, the less I am pulled into their emotions and the more able I am to help them regulate their energy.

Guess what arrived in the mailbox right before I wrapped up this post?  My planner of course!

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