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Healthy habits keep your mind, body and soul ready for success.

One of the things I continually see with my empath and highly sensitive clients is that they often spend most of their time in their minds.  These amazing people I work with have incredible logical, practical minds.

These minds have served them well in this masculine world we live in.  They have kept them safe and working within the rules that they have been taught.

Through this, many of these women have had to desert their feminine side.  Many of them have wounded feminine energy.  Right now, at this time, we are being called upon to wake up.  We are being called back to a remembering.  


Trauma makes it easy to leave your body

When I was little, I had a fair bit of trauma in my life.  Initially on a physical level and then later in my life on a more emotional level.

Through these experiences, I learned that staying out of my body felt safer.

As I continued to age, these patterns became deeply ingrained.  Until I took time to start consciously healing these old programs, they were running on autopilot.

Coming home to your body

When I started to practice yoga, I started to notice my body in a different way.  Prior to yoga my body was functional, but I didn’t spend any time connected to it and I certainly didn’t spend any time appreciating it.  It did its job and at best we were acquaintances.

I knew, however, that if I wanted to really heal some of that old trauma I had to change the relationship with my body.  Part of this journey involves drinking more water, eating more vegetables and getting good quality sleep but there is more to it than that.  

Yoga as a healthy habit

Once I started to really connect in to my body and practice yoga regularly I noticed a variety of things. Not only did I feel stronger both physically and mentally, but I was also able to regulate my nervous system and stay in my body more often.

I started to hear my body and what it needed. I began to understand when it wanted to move, how it wanted to move, what worked for me and what didn’t. It allowed me the space to feel into my body and also to start asserting my needs and wants outside of the physical realm.


My yogic path

I loved yoga so much for the space it created to heal that I eventually became a teacher and taught for many years.

These days I rarely teach yoga classes but the mindset often comes into my coaching sessions as a tool to help my clients notice their bodies in a safe way.

The more you practice yoga the easier it is to be grounded and present.  You’ll notice your breath more and you’ll have increased immunity and lower cortisol levels.

Yoga and Business Success

When your energy levels are more consistent, you have more capacity to see clients.

You are able to notice the nuisances of your body and allow it to be your ally to help indicate when things are off.

You begin to trust yourself which means a deeper sense of intuition that helps you decide how to move forward in your business.

Daily yoga

I love to end my workday with a yoga practice. This feels like a really concrete boundary and allows me time to process what has gone on in my day through the sensations in my body.

My favorite free online yoga classes are hosted over at Do Yoga with Me.  They have a whole variety of classes available for all levels from beginners to advanced.  

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