healing the wounded feminine

One of the things that I see most often in my work is wounded feminine energy.  It comes in a host of different forms but can absolutely debilitate a business.

As a woman who has always had strong emotions and a deep desire for connection, there have been many instances throughout my life where wounded feminine energy has been projected at me.  Of course there have also been moments where my own wounds have stopped me from moving forward in the ways I wished to.  These are the parts I worked on through my healing journey.


Wounded feminine traits

In high school I used to go to a ton of school dances.  I loved to dance.  I loved the feeling of freedom in my body and the ability to be my sensual self.  It brought me such joy.  In addition to the endorphins and fitness benefits, it just felt good.

There were many people who didn’t like my dancing and told me so. It was hurtful and eventually this, combined with other traumas, led me to stop feeling so free in my body.

This is the one of the ways that wounded feminine started showing up for me.

How does wounded feminine energy show up in life?

Some of the ways in which wounded feminine energy can be seen playing out:

continually feeling threatened and having to compete rather than collaborate

constant apologizing for who you are 

negative self-talk

falling into codependent ways of being 

having out of control emotions (this can be either always feeling like you are on a roller coaster or at the other end of the spectrum being completely disconnected from any emotions) 

As a coach or healer, you can imagine that if these aspects of self are out of balance that it can be very challenging to create a successful business.

What are the physical traits of wounded feminine energy?

This wounded feminine energy gets stuck in our bodies as do all our traumas. Often this starts to be seen as anxiety.  Sometimes it plays out as overthinking or rumination.  It can also feel like a heavy load filled with heartache and too many expectations of others and ourselves. Sometimes it shows up as resentment.

These low vibration energies get stuck in our nervous system.  They keep us from living the joyous life we really want to experience.

The left side of our body is considered the feminine side.  Generally we receive through the feminine (left) and give through the masculine (right).  Since many of us, especially as empaths and highly sensitive souls are more comfortable giving than receiving this is another example of where our divine feminine is suffering.

I’d love to know how giving and receiving feel for you.  Are you able to have both in relative balance or is one far more comfortable than the other for you?

Healing the wounded feminine energy

In business, when we are anxious or overthinking everything, it can become paralyzing.  It can keep us from showing up consistently or even showing up at all.  It can keep us playing small and staying in a place of judgment.  This place keeps us separate and what we really want in business is for others to feel connected to us.  This is how we build our business.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the know, like and trust factor at least a few billion times.

When we allow our true self to be seen and step into our vulnerability, we heal that feminine energy and create a deeper state of compassion within ourselves which we can then project out into the world.  We can step away from the patriarchal model that keeps us competing and separate into a space of sisterhood.

Filling our own cup and creating trust within our own bodies through healing these wounds allows higher vibration energies to move through us.

How to Heal Wounded Feminine Energy – Healing Circles for Women

For me, I learned how to heal wounded feminine energy by doing the deep work to heal my trauma.

I used EFT tapping and yoga to move the stuck energy through my body and I created new neural pathways that had a different truth to them.  Healing the wounded feminine was a huge part of being able to trust my intuition and choose the right online spaces for myself.

Through this healing I was able to stop questioning what others thought of me and my actions (especially my business strategies).  I started listening to my inner compass and trusting that even if what I was doing wasn’t what others were doing, it was the right thing for me.  This was how I healed wounded feminine energy, by honoring myself.

These days I don’t apologize for being me.  Resentment isn’t an issue because my boundaries are strong.  I give myself ample time for rest and relaxation since I know this is how I do my best work.

Support Makes a Massive Difference

Ensuring I have the right support in place so that I regularly feel that sense of sisterhood.  Feeling supported and held no matter what kind of a day I’m having makes the world of difference.  Having community of healthy women who are not afraid of doing their work and are willing to raise each other up is another powerful way to heal wounded feminine energy.

If you are interested in joining an incredible group of women check out my offering to find your feminine flow.

Healing Your Wounded Feminine

If you aren’t quite ready for that level of commitment (I get it) you can check out my Healing the Wounded Feminine Course on Insight Timer.

If you are a member it’s free and if you aren’t yet a member it’s a super reasonable $20.

Be sure and leave me a review to let me know how it landed for you.  And of course if you have any questions I’m always happy to hear from you.

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