how to recognize and energetic vampire

How to Recognize Energetic Vampires

The other day I was participating on a large group call. I got off the call and went about my business but I noticed that I was feeling quite agitated and annoyed.  I sat with this a bit and was reminded that I had a similar response to this particular group call the last time I participated.  This was Interesting.  I wondered if there was an energetic vampire at play here.

For me, I have been working for years to get connected in a deeper way with my own energy. There are various facets to understanding my own energy: knowing when I am leaking energy out; knowing when I am taking on energy that isn’t mine; as well as when I am being drained.

For empaths we are often leaking energy out.  This can happen for a few different reasons.  Often it happens because we aren’t aware of our own energy.

In order to become aware of our energy we need to begin to notice how things feel for us.  We need to tune into our sensations and notice how situations and experiences make us feel.

Empaths have the power to be able to transmute energy from negative to positive.  This is why we are so attractive to energy vampires.  We use those skills to keep ourselves safe as little people but what happens is we get so conditioned that we feel like this is always our job.  It’s not.

If we continue to constantly take on energy that is not ours it can and will take its toll on our physical bodies.  Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

How do you know when you are being drained?

Before we move into recognizing energetic vampires,  I want to start by saying most energetic vampires are not doing this on purpose. They are completely unaware of their own energy and their affect on the people around them.

This is true of the majority of energetic vampires but excludes narcissists. It is possible for a narcissist to be doing this sort of draining inadvertently through faulty childhood programming. In most cases however, they have more awareness and tend to be more manipulative.

So let’s go back to my story at the beginning of this article.  I didn’t realize during the meeting that I was becoming more and more irritated.

What are the signs?

Here are four signs that you might be in the presence of energetic vampire.

1.  You notice a tightening in your chest

2.  You have a desire to eat

3.  You feel like you need a nap

4.  You feel queasy, ill, or slimmed.

As in my situation you may not notice these things as they are actually happening.  You may just begin to notice in certain situations that you don’t feel great after a specific engagement.  The more you are able to pay attention and begin to notice your moods, your body, your experiences as they happen, the more you are going to be able to protect yourself and avoid these sorts of situations. 

Recognizing energetic vampires

As empaths we are so often told that we need a thicker skin and that we need to toughen up.  In fact, that is the exact opposite of what we really need.

What we need is to get out of our head and begin to listen to our intuition.  Your goal is to hear your intuition and trust it.

Once you are connected to it, you will never be steered in the wrong direction again.  As long as you choose to listen.

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