lack of enthusiasm

When I first started my business, I was so excited to get moving each week.  There were so many things to do and I couldn’t wait to get to them.

Then one day I started to feel a lack of enthusiasm creeping in. It became harder to get out of bed.  It started to become harder to promote myself.  Many of the things I had been so excited about started to feel like they were just too much.

This overall lack of enthusiasm started affecting everything.


What’s a girl to do?

The first thing I suggest when you start to feel this lack of enthusiasm is to notice when it starts to happen. Maybe it’s got something to do with your niche that needs a little tweaking?  Maybe you don’t have a niche yet or even know that that means?

If that’s the case, I would highly recommend checking out Tash Corbin’s Take Off Program which made a huge difference in my life (I’m also an affiliate and would be happy to talk to you about the program)


Maybe it’s less about your niche but more about your boundaries.  Do you have solid boundaries in place or are you pushing yourself to work even when you need a rest?

Are you creating space for fun and joy or are you just expecting yourself to go at breakneck speed all the time?

If none of these thoughts are resonating with you, it might be past traumas getting in your way.

Healing trauma

When we are young our system helps us create coping skills to keep us safe.  As we age, we continue to use those same skills, but they often stop serving us.

These skills are valuable but can often get in the way of running a successful business because they keep us focused on the safe stuff.  And spending all your time on the safe stuff may also create a lack of enthusiasm.

Now what?

Most of us need help with this stage.  I know I certainly did.

The first time I started looking at these old patterns and trauma pathways I felt quite a bit of panic inside me.

In fact, my whole system hit fight/flight the first few times I started working to invite more enthusiasm back into my life.  It took some time for me to start to unravel the ways in which my body felt that this was the only way to stay safe.

It’s not easy

Doing this deep work to find our own inner state of enthusiasm and wonder in the world doesn’t happen overnight.

We need to take time to see the patterns and create a space of loving acceptance.

It takes time to build this relationship with ourselves and to be able to stand in the discomfort.

My packages start at 2 months because it is the minimum amount of time I feel I need to create nervous system regulation and a safe space.

Be gentle with yourself

If the thought of looking at all this feels triggering to you, be gentle with your sweet self.

These behaviors didn’t come up overnight and so expecting them to go away overnight or beating yourself up is not the way to go.

Ready for some solid ground?

If this is all feeling like a bit too much and you know you’d like some support – click here to see about working together 1:2:1 and here to see about working together in a group.

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