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What does it take to create a successful healing business?

Most of us who come to healing work have been through some trauma.  It’s part of what calls us to be healers.  We found a modality or a way to help with our own suffering and we feel called to share.

This is exactly how I stepped into the role of healer.  Although that word was a challenge for me – it took me a few years of trying it on, playing with it in my mouth before I could fully own it.

The reality for me was that the message had been there my whole life.  I’ve been guiding people and offering advice to those in suffering since grade school.  As an empath, I have always felt other people’s pain deeply and wanted to help.

As I stepped into my role as a priestess and EFT practitioner, I started to get really clear on what was needed to create a thriving successful healing business.

1.  Boundaries

When you step into the role of healer having strong boundaries is the number one thing you need.  There are practical boundaries (you can find out more about that by grabbing my free ebook here) but what I am talking about in this instance is energetic boundaries.

When we are working with people who are suffering, it is imperative that we have strong energetic boundaries.  As empaths in business it is far to easy to take on other people’s suffering energy because we can.  Most of us learned how to do this growing up.  Most often we do this without even being aware we are doing it.

Over the long term this isn’t safe for us nor is it beneficial for our clients.  When we are not managing our energetic boundaries the problems that our clients are experiencing can start to come into our day to day lives.  It can affect your business, and your personal life.

This can result in you being more tired than usual, cranky, having less capacity both for your business and your loved ones, as well as a feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction.  Any one of these can take your business away from the successful thriving place you want it to be.

2.  Self-Care

It might seem like a no brainer that you need self-care but working in the healing industry puts you at risk for nervous system dysregulation.

If you have trauma in your history unless you have already done some deep work, you probably don’t know the coping behaviors that your nervous system uses.  You might find yourself caught up in the energy of those you are trying to help.  You can easily be overwhelmed by their emotions.  Even when you are aware, we are still human and your sensitive system can be swept away.

The energy it takes to bring yourself back into a regulated state is energy that can then no longer go towards your business.

Creating a self-care system where you have regular support to ensure you are healthy is so important when you want to have a successful healing business.

3.  Honesty

It can be a real challenge to get honest with ourselves about our own mistakes and limiting beliefs.  (hello perfectionism) It is hard to see our own blind spots.

The more honest we can be with ourselves about what is really going on, about what we are really feeling the faster we can get back on track to doing the things that create success in our business.


Want some support getting more honest with yourself?

It can be challenging to hold ourselves accountable especially when we are creating big changes and up leveling our lives.  Find out about my healing circle here and see if it’s what you need in your life.

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