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Dealing with low self-esteem can feel challenging. There are many people who have learned to change how they view themselves. It takes time and effort, but it is 100% possible for you to develop healthy self-esteem.

Here are three women who did just that…

Jane Learned to Say “No”

Jane was a school teacher who regularly took on more work than she could handle. When she finally realized she was chronically exhausted, she reached out to a coach, hoping to vent her feelings. But what she learned shocked her.

“I realized I was saying ‘yes’ to everyone in the hopes that they would like me because I was battling low self-esteem. As my coach helped me develop a positive self-image, I realized I could say ‘no’ to others without guilt or fear. Because I liked who I saw in the mirror.”

When we have dealt with trauma as children that desire to be liked can be even stronger. It is that fear of saying no that keeps us from truly taking care of our own needs.

As a sensitive entrepreneur we often spend so much time worrying about hurting other that we forget that using our “no” actually serves us.  

Trisha Accepted Herself

Trisha has struggled with her self-esteem since she was little. She says, “I grew up with so much negative feedback about who I was. I was told I was too sensitive, that I’d never amount to anything, that I could only be lovable if I was less emotional.”

She spent years believing these lies and battling a negative self-image. But things started to change for her recently.

“When I moved to the West Coast, I found an amazing community of body positive people who loved my sensitivities. All of a sudden, I was given permission to be me. I realized I didn’t have to fight with my emotions, or do things others (including the media) had fed into my beliefs.”  I started finding power in being empathic and connected in to the energy of others.  

As soon as she gave up fighting her emotions Trisha found a confidence and self-esteem within her that she didn’t know existed. She says, “To me, healthy self-esteem means being confident and comfortable in my own skin, knowing my value and worth. Now I’m confident in my abilities and I’m OK with all of it regardless of whether other people like or approve of me.”

It can be especially challenging when our family of origin knocks us down repeatedly.  All that negativity gets into our bodies and we need to rewire our brain so that it knows we are safe and “whole” as we are. 

EFT Tapping is incredibly powerful in helping shift these negative beliefs.  

Sarah Started Taking Risks

Sarah was a hospital administrator who feared failing at anything. As a result, she was rigid and wasn’t open to new ways of doing things. She resisted even the smallest of changes.

It wasn’t until a mentor challenged her to try one thing a week that Sarah realized how much control fear had over her. With the help of a compassionate coach, Sarah traced the cause back to her drug addicted parents. She fought to say in control as a kid because it meant safety.  So many of us wind up with this rigidity in our lives.  Over the long term it makes life small.  

“But I’m an adult now and I’m not the same little girl. When I saw that, I was set free. I view myself differently now. I’m excited by new opportunities and new changes. I can’t wait to see what each new day brings!”

Changing your view of yourself isn’t an overnight process. There will be hard days and setbacks but it’s important to keep moving forward. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and embrace the beautiful now.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

If you find yourself struggling to change your thought patterns, you don’t have to do it alone.  Having healthy self-esteem will make a big difference in all areas of your life.  

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