what happens when an empath is overwhelmed

Overwhelm used to be my normal.  Every little thing felt like it was pushing me over the top.  My glass was always overflowing.  This meant that when something out of the ordinary came into my life (hello life this happened every single day) I would find myself crying, frustrated, and angry. 

Not long after that would come the inevitable shame spiral of guilt.  Of not being enough.

What was wrong with me that I felt like this?

Other people were easily able to do “normal” life.

Why did it always feel so overwhelming for me?

Being an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person

For those of us who identify as empaths and highly sensitive souls one of the very important traits that make us who we are is the depth of processing that we experience.

This depth of processing means we are aware of the layers of energy surrounding a situation (even if we can’t explain it).  It means we can feel what other people are feeling, sometimes before they are even aware of it.  Often it also means that our energy and emotions get enmeshed with others and we lose ourselves.

What happens when an empath is overwhelmed

When we are continually aware of other people’s emotions it becomes difficult to understand where we begin.  Our emotions get lost in a string of other people’s energy.  We often become swept away in their stories.

“We lose ourselves.”

Our energy reserves deplete.  Our adrenal system becomes overwhelmed with all the stress.  Many of us start to experience physical illness in our body.

This is the wakeup call that something needs to change.  Often in our society we don’t listen to our bodies until they scream at us with an illness or an emergency.

In this lost state it is impossible to find our power.  It is impossible to regulate our nervous system.

Healing the nervous system as a way out of overwhelm

In the work I do with my 1:2:1 clients we start by finding your way back to you.

Who are you and how much of what you present in the world is you?    What sorts of things do you like and dislike?  What makes you feel empowered?  Where do you tend to get triggered?  What kind of support feels nourishing?

We do this slowly through increasing your capacity to do the things you really want to do.

Finding out where overwhelm is most getting in your way.  Is it in your business?  Your home life?  Within your relationships?  Maybe your parenting?

Which one is the thing that you most want to bring into better balance.  That’s where we start.

We connect into that sense of self and create safety around it.  We remove judgement and fear.

Creating acceptance for what the truth of the matter is.  You might want to read a little more about what it’s like to work with an EFT practitioner here.

Maintaining a healthy nervous system to release overwhelm

Knowing who you are and what your needs are is a powerful step to release the overwhelm.  The more you do your own emotional work the stronger your ability to release overwhelm becomes.

Being able to see when you are overstimulated.  Setting boundaries.  Taking time alone in nature to help rebalance your energy.  Going to bed on time and ensuring you are nourishing your body with nutritious food.  Moving your body.  Daily energetic maintenance.

There is such an incredible shift that occurs once you release the overwhelm from your life.

what happens when an empath is overwhelmed

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