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Low self-esteem can occur at any time or age even if you’ve had a relatively good life. However, there are some circumstances that make you more likely to develop low self-esteem. Here are a few of the most common causes…

As an entrepreneur this can keep us from finding success and stepping into the life that we truly desire.  



Some people develop low self-esteem because they’re constantly comparing themselves to others. Maybe you look at the woman who has your dream business and think you’ll never be like her. Perhaps you envy a friend who seems to have a wonderful marriage and beautiful children.

You may even compare yourself to people you don’t know. For example, envying a beautiful actress in a magazine. Even though you know she’s been airbrushed to perfection, you might still feel inferior.

This sort of comparison is often inevitable in our 24/7 social media world. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t see what’s really going on behind that perfect facade.

Dysfunctional Home

Sometimes, low self-esteem begins in childhood due to difficulties in your home life. Perhaps a parent was chronically ill or had mental illness and was unable to provide for you and your siblings. Maybe you witnessed domestic violence between your parents. Maybe you were physically or emotionally abused or you were bullied.

When children don’t get their needs met in childhood, they turn inwards. Many blame themselves even if they don’t realize it. For example, if your parents divorce after you accidentally slipped up about dad’s affair, then you might think you were the reason your parents separated.  

As a sensitive or empathic being – these things can become deeply ingrained within us.  

Trauma & Abuse

Another common reason for low self-esteem is becoming a victim of trauma. You may have survived physical, emotional, or sexual violence. Often, becoming a victim of a violent crime leads a person to believe they are worthless, deserving of punishment, or unlovable. These false beliefs create low self-esteem that can follow you for decades.

Like trauma victims, abuse survivors may struggle with low self-esteem. Abuse can be more difficult to heal from since the wounds were often on-going over the course of months or even years. Additionally, abusers will tell their victims that the abuse is their fault, that they deserve to be hurt, or that they need to be punished.

Having experienced being bullied also falls into this category. It is abusive behavior and can have the same long-term effects on our mental and emotional health and can lead to low self-esteem.

Religious Beliefs

Depending on your religious beliefs, you may have been told that you are “bad” or that you are “going to hell” if you do certain activities. Many religions draw a line in the sand and if you cross that line, you are then cut off from other members of your family or community.

This type of belief system can lead you to believe that your behavior determines your identity. That’s fine if your behavior falls into what’s expected and acceptable within your religion. But if it doesn’t—if you violate these beliefs—you may see yourself as damaged, tainted, or unredeemable.


You Have the Power to Heal

Now that you know the different causes of low self-esteem, you may recognize yourself in some of these examples. Understanding where your low self-esteem is coming from is an important first step in healing it.

Each of these pieces can have an affect on how you feel over the long term. This manner of thinking about ourselves gets deep into our bodies and subconscious mind.  It can create many self-sabotaging moments.

However, there is good news……you have the power to make changes!

Finding someone to talk to and help you explore your feelings can make all the difference. Using a modality like EFT tapping can help you heal in a gentle energetically aligned way.  



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