I’ve been following the cycles of the moon for a long time now.  Watching the way she ebbs and flows.  Noticing how her energy affects my energy.  Allowing space in my life to pay attention to small things that I might have missed with my previous “fast paced keeping up with the jones’” lifestyle.

This year as I moved into menopause, I switched from tracking my cycles to tracking time through the moon.


What is a moon circle?

A moon circle is an opportunity to connect with the energy of the moon.  It is a way of tracking time on a 28-day cycle and noticing how you feel during each phase.  You can be more intentional with your life and time rather than at the end of each month or season wondering where the heck did that time go.  It is an opportunity to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go.

What do you do at a moon circle?

In the circles that I run through  Find Your Solid Ground we meet virtually twice a month.  On the new moon and on the full moon.  We connect in sisterhood and share what is currently coming up for us.  Together we create space to allow that energy to be consciously moved through our bodies.  We witness one another through trials, tribulations, and successes.

How can a moon circle benefit my business?

Being supported in business by others who also are operating with limited energy reserves creates an incredible space for growth.  So many of the entrepreneurs you see online are selling stories.  These aren’t always accurate portrayals of business.  Allowing yourself to see others who are doing things their own way can bolster your self-esteem.  Finding your own way can be challenging but knowing you can bring questions and feel less alone can make all the difference in your long-range success.

Why now?

This time we are traveling through right now – where the empaths and HSP’s are awakening is very pertinent.  As Anita Moorjani shared – we (the empaths and highly sensitive souls) are the canaries – ready to lead the way to a more emotional healthy way of being.  To step into that leadership role, we need to ensure we have the right support in place.  We need to fully believe that this gift is in fact a gift.  That it is a superpower.  Not a hindrance or weakness as so many of us have been taught.

Are you ready?

Our world has valued pushing, thinking, and doing for a long time now.  I believe that we are shifting into a lighter, softer way of moving through life.

A way of BE-ing rather than always DO-ing more and more.  There is some discomfort as we step into this shift.

This new world includes less shame and blame language and allows each of us to feel worthy and proud of our sensitivities.

Listening and connecting to our intuitive nature takes time and space.  If we want to be able to better hear our own intuitive sense and allow it to lead us in business we need that time and space.

Want to experience this for yourself?

Join me for the next circle on December 12th.  

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