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This past week I spent time up at the cottage with two of my best friends. I call them my sisters because they are the women who I feel most supported by and most connected to.  This women’s circle is one of the most important pieces for my long term success.

During our time away we talked about a million and one things that were on our mind. We shared our frustrations. Then we danced, did art, and set intentions. We also hiked in the woods and allowed our souls to be soothed.  All of us have missions in this lifetime.

Sometimes it’s harder to know where we fit into this world.  Having a group of women who can support and encourage you makes a world of difference.  It creates space for you to get to know yourself better and see who others really are.


Having a women’s circle is important

Many of my clients have had immense struggles when it comes to female relationships. They have been let down by the women who were supposed to love and care for them. This creates a deep wound and makes connecting to your divine feminine nature hard. It’s certainly been a big struggle for me as well.

My relationship with my own mother has been nothing short of challenging over the years.  Never mind the dynamic with my grandmother.  All the female relationships you have play a part.

Being raised in a family where the men were treated as if they could do no wrong and the women continually were not good enough created a dynamic which wasn’t easy to unpack.

Trusting women

When we have been let down by our own mothers and carry a deep sense of distrust within, it can create a long-term trauma response.

As an entrepreneur who works specifically with women, you can imagine how important healing this wound is. The energy of suspicion and constant questioning that can come out of this wound not being healed is very draining.

As a highly sensitive person whose capacity is already reduced, most of us don’t have the extra energy to waste.

Being able to trust women and be in a community that feels safe and nurturing is one of the ways to work through this.

Healing the wounds

Often women come into our life to help heal these wounds. In most cases, we are not aware or present enough to allow this healing to take place.

When I look at my friends who I was away with last week, it’s very clear that we were meant to come together and work through healing.

Through our 15-year friendship there have been many moments when I have been triggered and really needed to allow myself space and compassion to process the energy and emotions that were coming through.

Find Your Solid Ground

Not everyone has this same opportunity, which is why I have created a 6-month group journey called Find Your Solid Ground.

We’re part way through the group program started on the Lion’s Gate and I am so humbled and awed by the vulnerability and rawness these women are bringing to the circle.

Having a 6-month container means we get to know each other on a deeper level.  Seeing each other in circle twice a month creates space to build deep connections and trust.

Stepping out of our comfort zone

Being connected to other women is important for me. It’s always been a driver for my actions, but up until these last 10 years I wasn’t always aware of the importance.

Creating a sense of community and connection is a huge part of my mission here on this planet.  Connection is a word I come back to daily.

Leading with love and softness has not been an easy path for me but I am so grateful that I continued to do the work to get to this space.

Are you ready to find your own women’s circle?

Perhaps as you read through this you are feeling the call.  Maybe you can feel that sense of excitement and inner knowing in your belly.  

If you know that you are ready to have more sisterhood, more support and more deep connections, let’s connect.

Join me for the Free Full Moon Circle

Come join for a taster session or just to be witnessed in community on October 7th at 2pm ET.  

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